Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

That’s only £10 under RRP?

They’re £20 cheaper at Amazon. Been £199 since the weekend.

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Also £199 at John Lewis!

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They’ll be £199 at Argos too then. Both seem to price their products in line with Amazon’s discounts these days I’ve noticed.

Something goes on offer at Amazon, if either of those sell it, it goes on the exact same offer there too. And ends the moment Amazon’s does.

John Lewis is the place to go though in a price matched war. Because they give you a longer warranty as standard at no extra cost.

This is £189.

No, I have to really research and make sure I’m buying the right tv. It’s why I hate shopping for new TVs. It’s a PITA and a minefield. And the generic advice you see plastered on the internet never really tracks.

It’s why I really love the idea of something like Sky Glass. We’ve got the 65 inch one for christmas, and I’ll be setting that up, so I’ll finally get a chance to see what that’s like, and whether or not it’s what I actually want when the time comes to finally upgrade my old but trusted Loewe.

I’d wager that lots do.

I’ve previously bought a £400 65" TV because it was dirt cheap. Cheap TVs are very decent these days and many people do not care / wouldn’t notice all the things that nerds care about.

A bigger TV is a super noticeable and always relevant improvement relative to things like shadow detail, blooming etc which some people cannot even see and only matter in some contexts.

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Your post says £219? What am I missing?

Gessing you didn’t folow the link.

I updated my post. I didn’t even realise that the link preview shows the normal price.



Took me a second to register it, but I see it now.

right below the price in green text:

A further £30 reduction automatically applied at checkout


Size IS important, regardless of what your other half (or other two thirds) may say.

Before we all get too carried away…


I use camelcamelcamel to confirm, and have been looking at things for a while.

This might be of interest to some:

I’ve requested an invite as it will do for the kids room.

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It’s the main consideration for me.

Once the size is sorted, I look at what I consider to be “good” makes (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc) and pick a mid range price from them.

Not really Black Friday, but Apple are now selling refurbished (not quite sure how that works for headphones) AirPods Pro 2 for the same £189 as Costco’s price for new.

I buy a lot of refurbished stuff but headphones/earphones are a step too far!


Some people had it in their ears and sent it back



Quick clean with something like this?

Hopefully it’s only ones that people have tried once and sent back straight away, which would have a high economic and ecological cost to break down and recycle already. As opposed to ones which have been well used for months on end…

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I sold a pair of AirPods on eBay and I certainly didn’t clean them as well as Apple will/would.

I’d rather buy cheaper ones!

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All Apple refurbished gear comes with new batteries and casing so no issue for me.

That said, no reason why I’d take that over actually new AirPods from Costco with 90 day returns and two year warranty.

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