Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022

Hmmm a 2TB SSD for £90 on Amazon should I?. Would sure be nice to move the last of my storage of HDD. M.2 for only £120 too…

All the ones I’ve looked at that I fancy are out of stock, and the few that are still available are too small for family needs. Drat.

ETA: had a brief moment of hope when I was the Hot Deals link just above, but the one that caught my eye there? Yep, out of stock also.

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Got a 30 day free trial instead, despite the advertised offer being 3 months free!

Tbf, they told me last year that 3 months is for those who have never had a trial promotion before. I’ve had one every year for past three years :rofl:

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I also bought this earlier in the week, though I don’t really need it and will most likely return.

I got mine with 7 copies of Metroid Dread for £325.

Have treated myself to the Sony 5.1 surround soundbar and speakers I’ve been saving for. Arriving Sunday I hope…


Just bought a Pixel 6A £279 from Google Store (£299 + a 5% promo code). Will also get up to a very inflated £138 for trade in of an old 32GB iPhone 6S that had been sitting in a drawer as a spare phone. So potentially only £141 spend. My current iPhone SE 2020 will become my spare.


Ah, I think I missed it, as it now says £369.

There are other deals, but Dell have so many monitors, it’s really hard to know which are better. I had always thought the P series was supposed to be better than the S series, but not actually sure why this one for instance Dell 27 Inch USB-C Hub Monitor (P2723DE) : Computer Monitors | Dell UK is better than the deal you’ve found (as it’s lower resolution).

Exactly this.

It takes way too much research to figure out what to go for.

My one and only Black Friday purchase :rofl: was about to buy it from Argos for £60 bit thought let’s just check Amazon 1st.

The only use for it, is deliveries from the milkman.


Im still looking for a decent TV.

I keep getting close to buying one but my brain thinks it would be better to wait nearer Christmas for a potentially better deal :confused:

My brain says nice boxing day sales, something tells me Black Friday wasn’t all that for retailers and they’ll be looking to get rid of all that stock ready for the new year.


Generally Black Friday isn’t the best time to buy things you don’t need for Christmas. Most things will be cheaper at some point if you just watch prices for 6 months or so.

It’s a good time to look because you know most things will be on sale, but it’s rarely the best sale / biggest discount over a period.

I also predict New Year sales this year will be big especially on big ticket items, given the squeeze


Absolute bargain today! Reduced from £43.50 to £21.99!!! I feel so blessed.

So the same price they were in August.


They really need to change the rules on this so discounts reflect an average price or the lowest price held for six months or something.

Pity the person who bought it on October 13th when they marked it up for the pre-holiday season discount advertisements!

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I do need the tv for Christmas though. I also have the article that someone shared earlier in my mind that deeper discounts may come


Need or want :eyes: or do you mean as a Christmas present :sweat_smile:


Buy it quite close to Christmas from somewhere with a good returns policy, JL/Richer Sounds

Then when it’s £200 cheaper on Boxing Day, buy another and return the “first” one.


Amazon and Costco are perfect for doing this right now. Can return till the end of Jan.

Americanised, but still true.

20% off my grocery shop would have been nice! :sweat_smile:


You gotta be savvy!

Co-op have had a month long 25% for your entire shop this month with a code (if you spend over £30). Ends tomorrow. But then a 15% one starts and lasts till mid December