Black Friday 2018

(Christopher) #21

A cause for pause. Thanks for sharing @Gaoler.

(Marcus Nailor) #22

Hoping that Sony heavily discount their WH-1000XM3! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Would love to get my hands on a pair for a slightly less eye watering cost :sweat_smile:

(Michael) #23

Got my Bose QC35ii for less in the Black Friday sale last year :slight_smile: Hoping to add them this year with the 1000XM3. Pricey, but absolutely essential to get any work done at my place


Just a card indie week may be of interest to those looking to support and promote independent retailers around Black Friday


(Ray) #25

It’s a week before my payday!!

(Ray) #26

Anyone waiting for Black Friday for a new mobile deal (cough, cough) could take advantage now.

It’s iD Mobile (Carphone Warehouse/Three) but it will be interesting if any other MVNOs copy or better them.