Bills pot - recurring payment view improvements

I have one subscription (NewScientist) that gets paid once every 6 months, and have it going from my Bills pot.

At the moment, the subscription list only tells me thr payment is set to go out every 6 months, but not which month. Tapping on it to go into the details doesn’t tell me any more either.

I would like to suggest that:

  • There should be an easy/immediate way to indicate when the next payment for a subscription is due from the list view (this goes for monthly as well, there is currently no easy way to itemise just the payments still pending for this month)

  • Tapping on a subscription payment could show both the old transactions of that payment in a list as well as info on the date of the next anticipated payment.


Also, I have a repayment option that isn’t covered by the app. Maybe an option to set bespoke options like every other month or 8 weekly etc!

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