Billing address and shipping address?

When ordering online do they both need to be the same or not? Just asking as in future I may need to order stuff to my parents house

Most companies allow for the two to be different. It’s fine.


No… That’s why they ask that question. So you can provide two different addresses if you wish…

Ok thanks :blush:

Most do. Some don’t. Some won’t for your first order. Some won’t for certain things.

Asking this is like asking if pubs have a plug socket I can charge my phone at by the table. Completely pointless without specifics.


The billing address should be the one that the card you’re using is registered to. It’s sometimes used in the validation of accepting that card as payment. They might choose to accept, decline or ask for 3DS if it’s different to the one your bank holds. It’s also obviously used to send paper bills if needed, too.

The delivery address can be anything.

If they’re different you’re more likely to be asked for extra validation. It’s called the Address Verification System (AVS) and used to reduce fraud along with CVV2 (the 3 numbers on the back of your card) and 3DS (the notification you’ll get from the M ok no app asking you for you PIN/biometrics to approve).

Dunno how useful it is now what with CVV2 and 3DS/2 - it feels kind of redundant now. I imagine a lot of places don’t even do anything with it other than a way to know your address if you’re ordering a gift. :man_shrugging:

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This is an alarmily basic question that shouldn’t need to be asked. If you don’t understand this, then there are more “advanced things” like making sure there’s an SSL certificate etc that you also wont understand either.

Perhaps you can ask your carer to go through the basics of online shopping to keep you safe, as you sound like you’re an easy target to be defrauded.


I tend to read everything on here, regardless, so I think I’m right in saying that the OP has an advocate not a carer, which are very different things, and they are only over the past year taking back control of their life/finances. I may be wrong, but that’s the impression I get.

If you have never come across the issue of ordering something with an alternative shipping address, then it’s sensible to ask the question. I’d rather the question is asked than an assumption made, and I am happy to respond to that kind of question based on my life experience.

If the OP wants to ask questions about SSL certificates and/or fraud then I’ll answer those too, if I can.


I don’t know which they have. What I do know is (that may come as a surprise to most on here) is that we both live in the same town!

I therefore don’t mind giving them a crash course once the pandemic is over :slight_smile:


A lot of companies will require that on your 1st purchase your billing address and delivery address are the same for fraud prevention. After that it’s not normally a problem

I order a lot of stuff from Amazon for my parents so the delivery address and billing address are different.

I hope that helps.

on a personal note I don’t know why some people constantly feel the need to attack you and your posts (and get away with it) but keep posting, most people aren’t like that


Thanks dude :+1:t4:

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