Bill splitting made simple 🎉

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That’s my point, it has to end somewhere.

If they held it back further after adding non-monzo splitting then people would complain that they should add the ability to split direct debits then after that there would be something else.

I guess to manage expectations Monzo should fully scope out what it will and won’t do etc so everyone knows when it is released :slight_smile:

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I agree that it has to end somewhere. However, testing and feedback time should always be provided for the things you are willing to put into iteration 1.

If splitting transactions with non-monzo friends is the last element of the feature that Monzo wanted to put into iteration 1, fair enough. But at least allow for that element to be tested properly in labs before going to release.

Right now, if it hadn’t been mentioned here I would have assumed splitting with non-monzo friends hadn’t made it into the app before release. No one I would split a transaction with has monzo (been trying to persuade them, but they’re not biting yet) so I wouldn’t get past the first page.

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Who knows :man_shrugging:

Like I said, perhaps the solution to avoid all of this in the future is to scope it out fully first so we all know :slight_smile:

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Split a Direct Debit you say? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can I pop my positive pants on and say that when it’s Monzo to Monzo, it’s really cool and has stopped me having to chase folk for money :hugs:

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Agreed. People that agree may not be as vocal, but for me, split payments (as released) was both in a great state for use, but also a much needed feature. Replaces my use of Splitwise nearly entirely.


Having been quite vocal about the limitations of the Bill Splitting in labs I have to say this feels like ‘PR’ release rather than anything else.

The update hasn’t addressed the major issues identified in the lab; the clunky-ness of the splitting process and, to a lesser extent, Monzo.Me.

Yes you can split with non-Monzo accounts but it neither intuitive or functionalally helpful.

I fully agree with @WildlyWaving. Probably looks good to internal Monzo team but in reality, outside of that bubble, isn’t.


This is a great feature and I would also try to incorporate a smart calculator that tells you how much you have to pay for service fee (as it is included last after your overall bill) so you wouldn’t have to further calculate yourself. You could even add one for VAT if you want.

When there’s no service fee, things are easier as people don’t need to make additional calculations on what they have to pay for when they have ordered more one item (perhaps an integrated calculator where it adds, muitplies etc within the app could be useful so you wouldn’t have to get out of the app)


Coke £2
Beer £4
Water £1

Subtotal Total: £7
Service fee 10%
Total: £7.7

The guy paying for coke could just be prompted to pay £2.10 straightaway instead of him doing the manual calculation.


Another feature unavailable to those who don’t want to give Monzo access to all of their contacts - this is acting becoming a bit of an issue for me :slightly_frowning_face:

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We’re hoping to turn this on today, actually… :ok_hand:

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Oh wow how random! I just plucked that out of thin air to help with the point I was trying to make :laughing:

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I don’t have any contacts I can try the Monzo to Monzo part on but I tried a non Monzo contact and there doesn’t appear to be a way to manually mark as paid, delete the bill split or when someone pays via a share link it doesn’t seem to reflect on the bill split? Is any of this in the works?

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I resonate with this. Agree it is fine in labs for the more adventurous. But fully agree for it to be live it needs to just work in line with how you think it should rather than weird nuances/ clearly be not fully functional!

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I think it really needs the ability to edit the bill splitting afterwards, e.g. add another person.

e.g. 3 of us went to McDonalds I paid for all 3, then I split the bill with 1 person as I knew how much they owed, I then later worked out how much the 3rd person owed but I can’t see an option to “split” again.

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You should release a product (beyond Labs) as soon as it provides enough functionality to be substantially useful. Bill splitting is clearly as this point.

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Love the !ill splitting feature. When away on recent trips with my friends they actually went to Labs for the first time to turn it on.

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I tried to do my first bill split. When I tried I accidentally added two ‘non monzo’ users and I now cannot remove them so that bill is practically pointless now which is really annoying as I cannot change it to the person who I actually want to split the bill with.
Details to reproduce:
Add a edit/remove button to bill splitting
iOS 12
iPhone XS
App Version:

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You just swipe to the left!

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