Big Cookies!

Has anyone else noticed that visiting the bug reports forum here results in Google Chrome (Android and chrome OS) reporting between hundreds of megs to four gigs of cookies?

You have no idea how disappointed I am… here was me thinking ‘ohhh chocolate chip’?? :cookie:


4GB of cookies? I think the cookie size limit is around 4000bytes… that would be a million cookies.

Can you take a screenshot? I don’t believe it :joy:



Somewhere, in a street we all know and love, a furry blue monster has just woken up from what he thinks was a dream…

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Or you could fire up Chrome and take a look.

I use Vivaldi, which is based on Chromium and I am on Windows. Same issue!

I’d imagine a lot of this is local storage, or cache, and not specifically cookies?

I’ve got a Chrome extension that auto-deletes cookies when I leave the site so I’m safe :sweat_smile:

I was going to say cache too. All those gifs add up :laughing:

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No idea. Reported it to Google but I have zero confidence they’ll do anything. You can clear the data and it appears instantly so I doubt it’s actually creating anything other than an empty file or symlinks.

If you inspect > Application > Cookies you’ll see the real size. It will be a few bytes.

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