Better way to balance your money in Trends is here ⚖️

Nice work @avb and team.

  • Overall I really like it, the pulse line is awesome - one thing that would "next level it’ is if you could toggle between balance and saving pots only so you could track the saving trend line over time without having to de-select other pots and accounts first.

  • I know it’s super silly but having the trend line change colour to match accounts is :smiling_face:

  • It’s not clear how its working out the starting balance, any tips?

  • Money due out would be great if you could include transactions in there from connected accounts, all my DD’s come out of a different bank currently

  • I like the total money in out and dropdown option, but it’s essentially a duplicate of spending. Is that because spending is going to be the budget one :eyes:

  • There’s a UI glitch which is if you’re scrolling month to month on one view and then select another view it, briefly, glitches the chart instead of pulse, and vice versa.

  • Im not sure what the value of having the trend on balance and chart on spending is - that would be a great space to have budget icons or insights :eyes:

EDIT: you can set repeating payments from connected accounts

These are just super nit picks tho, this is amazingly nice


Monday COB now so hopefully will appear tomorrow. Hoping that the pay periods can be changed from monthly to 4 weekly (28 days) to make it useful for those that are paid that way.


This is going to be my version of @davidwalton Joint Accounts begging :rofl:

The features have finally been pushed to my account. Will be interesting to see how useful these analytics/predictive modelling will be after a few months or so…a minor quirk spotted: such as taking one off payments and treating them as recurring and not including my salary being paid in as part of the prediction. but hopefully this will change as the data points increase.




Just checked and the balance graph is live for me now. Looks good.


the monday gods have shined and i have been chosen lol


Keen for thoughts from everyone who’s been given access! :pray:


It’s pretty slick, a few bits of the trends tab are still a bit off on dark mode, but that’s not specific to this new feature.
I would like the ability to remove/ delete things from predicted payments as there’s old versions of subscriptions or ones I’ve canceled still lurking around it seems.
Having a graph with more than one line would be nice too so I could track savings along side current account rather than the combined approach at the mo.


One thing on my mind for both Spending and Balance is being able to compare periods.

An overlay of the average period spend / the same month last year would be cool.


I’m liking it so far, good improvement on trends and looking forward to what is yet to come. Ain’t had much time to play about with it this evening, but it is good. Been trying to sort out my categories and all my connected accounts last few weeks so trends is becoming more and more useful to my budgeting.

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Overall I’m really impressed. Feels like how trends shouldve been from the start. IMO

This graph, the animations and slide ability are epic.

It’s not clear how it works this out.

I kept wanting to click on this to collapse the stack of money gone out. You have to scroll down to the bottom which is a bit difficult.


I’ve seen this asked a few times. Isn’t it just the closing balance the night before this period starts?

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Yeah good shout being able to exclude some transactions makes sense - I had one off installation charges and a mad trolley dash at the Apple Store a few weeks ago in my committed spend and predicted for following month….or maybe it’s Monzo a way of telling me my wallet needs a nap…

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I’ve just got this and to be honest with you, I’m a bit confused.

I have a Monzo account, an Amex that I put everything on and a Nationwide credit card that I use every two years on holiday. Last month was one of those two years. Both of the credit cards are paid off in full by direct debit every month and the Category in Monzo is Transfer so it doesn’t mess with my left to spend total.

For Trends if I only have the Monzo account selected I’m going to end the month c£300 in the green, this includes my Amex direct debit that’s gone out.

If I add the Amex then I go to ending the month c£300 in the red, which I assume are the transactions on my Amex that I put on this month.

If I add the Nationwide then I go further into the red, again presumably because it’s seen the transactions that I have put on this month. Surely these credit card transactions shouldn’t be on my left to spend for this month because Monzo knows they’ll be paid next?

The draggy graph thing is nice but the symbols above are tiny and hidden by my fat thumbs, it would be cool if the section below the graph could show the transactions these symbols refer to, or I could “lock it” and take my thumb off to see what’s going .

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Monzo won’t know this, as it’s current month, but if you could somehow do the past month spending into this month payment to understand IE anything I spent in July would be paid in August, then that’d be a game changer.

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Yes I think you are correct.


I don’t have the new Trends yet, but isn’t this what Rore mentioned - that it can now predict recurring payments in connected accounts?

Would be super cool to tell Monzo you’ll pay off your credit card in full every month, which could then do the smarts and predict that payment…

Of course, having the option to change that, select the minimum payment or manually enter how much you’re paying off would be :chefskiss:


I’m not 100%, but given the amex is a variable spend, it can widely differ however your energy bill or council tax can generally be accommodate for a year ahead or close enough.

I guess based on £300pm the past 6 months, can predict £300pm for the next X months.