Better way to balance your money in Trends is here ⚖️

I think there’s a use case here for it, for sure.

I’m just not sure how it could do it. In your example, what you would want it to do is show what would be left if you spent all of your target. Which currently I don’t believe it can do.

@avb might be better placed to advise how this might be able to work.

Thank you.

I am happy to adapt a different way of money management but can’t see how others are working around this. I can’t imagine applying a feature toggle to implement this is difficult for the dev team.

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

For my circumstances, I think I need a combination of Balance and Targets:

  • I want to budget on what’s left in my account (i.e. what’s safe to spend after bills have come out).
  • I can kinda do this on day one by setting my target to match what’s left in my account…
  • … But that doesn’t take into account things like roundups going to savings and upcoming bills.

So my ideal solution would be another tab that combines the features in Balance and Target. It would:

  • Work off my safe to spend number (the balance in my current account minus any upcoming known spend)
  • Show a graph for the whole period showing predicted future spend (like Balance) but also adjust that for budgeted spend (like Targets) so I can see if I’m on/off track.
  • If I know I’m going to have an exceptional big purchase (like buying a new laptop) I want to be able to plug that in too so Monzo knows to expect it.
  • Work off its own set of accounts. I don’t really use Balance because I’m a heavy under of Spending - and they have the same accounts selected for each. I’d like the combined effort to just run off of my Monzo current account and pots (or maybe that and one specific credit card).



You can’t do it, but it’s one thing I would like to see. You can of course manually flip between the budget and the target tab and do the maths. But it’d be nice to see something just show that number.


I hope developers will see this, it’s not difficult to implement.

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Can I request a toggle to hide the toggle if it does get added please :raised_hand: :upside_down_face:


Apologies if this isn’t the right thread for this but I couldn’t find a better one.

I’ve only just started using Trends over the last few weeks and one thing that bugs me is that under the Spending tab you can’t drill into an individual week. You can press and it tells you you spent £X on shopping and £Y on groceries and £Z on entertainment, but if you want to know what transactions fell under shopping that week you then have to scroll to the category, click in and manually work it out using the dates. It would be really great if you could press to see the week’s summary but then if you need more detail just click though to see the transactions from that week.

It’s nothing big, but it just feels like something I should be able to so.


I think my Trends is broken.

Resolved by a force close and restart.

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I have a direct debit every monthly that’s been active well over a year, but it doesn’t reflect anywhere in Trends.

I’ve tried adjusting my dates to after it’s due to factor it in but it’s still not having it.

It’s definitely a direct debit, comes under direct debits, but Trends seem to ignore it.

Is this usual behaviour? Trends does pick up Flex payment, and scheduled payments.

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My left to spend graph on joint account looks a bit weird due to the graph matching the new joint account card colour.

I think it needs a hot coral line instead of off white.

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See the ‘dummy pot’ thing here to work around the white line issue:

Oh there’s a topic on it :man_facepalming: Thanks for sharing, and the workaround.

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Just tried trying to tally up my spend last weekend.

Trends can’t do it, not even weekly? Unless I missed something.

Be nice to be able to pick a period of a few days and allow me to view it how I wish.

I tried a statement but it wasn’t really visually pleasing.

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