Better understanding of support chat info, taken from data export(monzo labs)

Can anybody tell me what does “actor” mean or reference to, in support chat, please?

Got more context for that?

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Taken from a message received from support chat.

It’s just telling you who did the action.

In your example it’s saying in a very computery way:

user_***** (the actor) joined the chat (the action performed by the actor)


I see, little puzzled about the word ‘actor’ being used rather then something along the lines of ‘agent’

Well, ‘actor’ very literally means a person taking part in an action. Half the word is even the same.


Doesn’t it also mean, a person who behaves in a way that is not genuine?

No. That’s a con man or fraudster.

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Anyway…thanks for your input folks, much appreciated, however, I believe the correct description for 'actor would be… someone who pretends to be someone else.

Ok, we’ll let the dictionary know.


You missed some bits out…

Oh weird, why did I only get 2 points :scream:

Anyway, the point stands. Actor is a well known term in this context

This thread only serves to demonstrate that people can argue about anything!



Actors and finance date back to the Shakespearean times…

“2p or not 2p?.. That is the question…”


I disagree :rage:


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Would it be correct to presume English isn’t your first language?

The problem with English is the words which mean two different things. In the case of actor it is either someone who pretends e.g tv actor, or persons involved in some process.

The definition posted above is correct so context matters. Your text related to a process where you are an actor within the chat as would the other person.