Better support for BACS splitting with irregular sender names

When I receive my salary from my employer, it comes in with a sender name that changes each month - a contraction of my employer’s name with a numeric string prepended to it.

As a result, I cannot “save” a sort - I have to manually enter the sort values each month.

Would it be possible to revise the matching criteria for BACS payments so that it either:

  • Excludes numeric segments from the string to do the match of name
  • Matches based on amount

My employer uses ADP as a provider, apparently this is a pretty regular occurrence with ADP.


I think if the reference was appended that wouldn’t be so difficult. But prepended is a little more complex.

Unfortunately it’s actually the sender name that changes, there’s no reference on the transaction

Ah, should have read that more carefully. That’s a pain. No easy answer there.