Best zero percent credit card

I’ve just learnt that to benefit from a super hired car deal at Bristol airport I need to provide a credit card for the deposit and as security
I don’t have a credit card and as such wanted to ask the forum for some advice on what the best way forward would be

Have a look here

If you’re going to pay it off in full every month, you don’t need a 0% card. But the best deal will depend on your exact circumstances.


Given they wouldn’t take the money any card will do (interest, if any, would only be charged if the funds are actually collected).

But personally I’m quite happy with Capital One. The web interface is brilliant, app is good enough (as far as legacy banking goes) and first month is interest-free as normal.


I’d use a comparison site like compare the market, or if you have access to your credit report sometimes they recommend some too based on your score.

I guess it will depend on a variety of personal circumstances, similar to asking which is the best car insurance company.

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If you have limited credit history you might not be eligible for all cards, I would try an eligibly checker to se what you’re likely to be accepted for -

I like Amex for their customer service but most banks are totally fine.

As already mentioned, if you plan on paying in full every month you don’t need a 0% card.

if you have access to your credit report sometimes they recommend some too based on your score.

Wouldn’t suggest this. The “recommendations” are a scam; the CRAs get paid to shill certain offers which often won’t be the best deal for you.

If you have good credit you’ll be accepted for pretty much any card so just go for the one you like best based on an unbiased source like MoneySavingExpert (they only make commission on affiliate links but other than that I’m personally willing to trust them).

Depends on what type of track day it is.

If he bins it he is in serious trouble. Some even charge you for going into the gravel as this understandably causes some minor damage. It’s a huge risk because minor damage is a lot of money on supercars.

I’ve been on one and I had the option of getting insurance for £20 which covered this, perhaps this is an option too?

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Even if he does actually end up loosing that deposit money there’s always the option to do a balance transfer down the line if the original transaction was on a bad card interest-wise.

Track day? I thought it was a car hire?

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Dunno :man_shrugging:

He mentioned the airport so I assumed it would be a track type day there?

I guess the same principle would apply if it was car hire. Someone opening their door onto his when in a car park or he scuffs an alloy on a kerb. Probably more minor damage can happen with this scenario.

Long straight wide track, that is.

He mentioned airport, so I assumed car hire :man_shrugging:

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My track day at the airport wasn’t but I guess we will find out soon… The suspense is killing me :laughing:

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It’s for hired car from the airport. They won’t except a debit card and so insist that I have to use a credit card with a means of securing £1200 to secure the hire agreement

Absolutely right in that I can take out additional insurance to cover the extortionate excess fees that would be taken if I was involved in an accident but this does not overcome the fact that they insist on a credit card

Have no issues with credit scoring and yes I intend to pay in full every month as this is simply for car hire from the airport

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Might be worth picking up a Tandem card then?

0.5% cashback on all spends.

The two search engines come up with Barclays and Virgin money as the best 0% options
Amex also appears but I’ve had issues with shops and companies not excepting Amex cards

Not so much general shops these days (although there are still some), but I bet most hire companies won’t take Amex (they certainly haven’t in my experience!)

If you are only going to use it for things like the car hire hold, and rarely for anything else, it doesn’t matter which one you get.

But personally, I’d use a rewards credit card that gives you some something back - Might as well make it work for you!


Ooooo I stand corrected, @Anarchist you sir were correct! :bowing_man: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sounds exciting either way, do you know what supercar you’re going to hire?

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I’ve usually hired cars with Avis or Hertz and they’ve never had a problem with an Amex, in my experience.

I recommend Virgin Atlantic for domestic use, and Tandem abroad. Neither have mobile payment, and Virgin don’t have an app (yet), but they are both good deals. Also heaven forbid you ever have to contact Tandem…

I don’t have any experience with Virgin, but Barclaycard is fine.

They send you the card quickly and you get the pin online so you don’t need to wait for two envelopes.