Best Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Got a £20 Trust gaming mouse from Tesco and it’s ok but its not as responsive and precise as my wired gaming mouse ( £5 off a well known website )

Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse for £60 or less please ?

Is it the case that higher DPI the better

You want a good optical wired mouse, don’t bother with wireless.

DPI isn’t as important as getting a good sensor, you will rarely player above 800 DPI.

Glorious Model D or 0

Razer Viper (not sure on price)

Or anything from Steelseries

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I know wireless isn’t as reponsive but i’ll get used to it. I only bought a cheap one from Tesco to test it out. ( goes upto 1000dpi with the click of a button )

SO not even any of the £60 corsairs on ebuyer are any good ? I could do without the clutter of cables and dont mind sacrificing a bit of performance for it.
Also dont want to drill any holes in me desk, want to keep it looking new

Just get a mouse bungie and then you don’t have to worry about the cable, a lot of mice are coming out with para cords on the wire and really light.

Went for the Logitech G305, it is perfect :smiley: