Best way to use Monzo without a smartphone?

I’ve tried using the Monzo developer but can only seem to find balance and transactions from my, now closed, pre-paid Monzo account and not my current account

Monzo is working on a bare-bones public website which should be ready before August (see “Basic web interface for emergencies” on ) - however to use the developers portal for your current account, here’s the steps.

  1. Login to
  2. Select “List accounts” from the left and click “Send”. It’ll come back with two accounts with ids starting acc_ - make a note of the one corresponding with the type: uk_retail (it’s the second account on my list).
  3. Go to ‘List transactions’ and where the GET {url} is shown you’ll see:


replace the $account_id at the end with the acc_ bit you copied earlier (including the acc_ but excluding any quotation marks).
4) Click ‘send’.

Job done.

Monzo could improve this by ignoring the ‘closed’ accounts when it picks the ‘default’ account id it uses - but I guess that’s very low priority as we’re not actually meant to use the developer portal this way.


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