Best value used city car under £5k?

Apologies for the random question on a banking forum, but can’t seem to find anything online.

My parents are after a 2nd hand city style car (Toyota Aygo sort of size). Budget £5k.

Anyone know which models offer the best value around that price please?


That’s a big budget, there’s dozens of options.

The Aygo is nice and is the Twingo. Best value is getting the most for your £5k by waiting a while on Gumtree and ebay. I’d be looking for a low milage VW up!, Hyundai i10 or Citigo. Is a Jazz too big?


Thanks for that. Yes Jazz a bit too big I think. Seen a few mentions of the VW Up so that’s definitely a possibility. My partner has the i20 and the build quality seems pretty flimsy so I think stay away from Hyundai.

One review mentions the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii, which apparently are pretty much the same car as the Up but a bit cheaper.

£5k is the max budget, ideally something a bit less.

Thanks for your input :+1: