Best mobile networks?

Giffgaff is the only network I think that needs to have a new sim ordered to access the service. Also petty they make you choose a golden bag instead of just allowing it across the network.

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I didn’t think mine was live, but just checked and it is. Although I’ve been using a 5G checker on Three for just mobile broadband. Not realising that, that’s separate to the actual 5G mobile service. So it could of been live for a while 🤦

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The golden goodybags have more data for the same price anyway so definitely not bothered about having to set up a recurring card payment to get it.

The 5g sim is free anyway so it’s not a massive pain to get the 5g sim.

Oops. I’m in a small coastal town so I highly doubt 5g will come here anytime soon. I can definitely live with 4g in the mean time anyway.

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I live in Chester, our 5G covers fields and areas mostly away from the city centre. Could say it’s pointless.

Three has a typical agenda of covering fields and green land as it then gives them the fastest 5G… because nobody is connected :sweat_smile:

EE has coverage at my house indoors, but when I actually need signal in town, the network that works best is Vodafone.

I really wish O2 would sort their capacity out. 10mhz 2100 band 1 just doesn’t cut it, and it’s their main band; accompanied by 800 band 20 which is more for far reaching locations to provide base layer coverage.

I use Three and we’ve got 5G enabled where we live and the coverage is good and the speeds are also impressive so much so I’ve recently got their 5G home Broadband which has replaced the Vodafone Fibre we had and it’s like night and day. Well worth it if you live in one of their 5G covered areas

I help on the EE community forum as that’s the network i’m with - the forum is very slow and seems custom made, not Discourse or whatever the backend software is here - writing a comment takes less time than posting it sometimes

You’ll make a comment and have to save it twice, as the first time fails and says you have invalid HTML in your comment (even if you didn’t put any)

I’ve raised this with them and they don’t see an issue

Wait. Three 5G home broadband is better than FTTH?Is it cheaper?

It’s an abomination and always has been. Also, I’ve no idea how many of the “community experts” or whatever they’re called actually attained that status, other than their sheer number of posts or constant “If I have helped you, please tell me I’m a good boy/girl/other”.

Yes, I have a thing about “community experts” :laughing:

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ngl, I am one of those with the

But i’m not a “community expert”

I pay £22 per month for unlimited data for Three 5G Home Broadband and we were paying about the same for Vodafone Fibre.
Speeds seem to be reliable on Three and it does all we need hooked up to a Mesh System

Handles 4K no problem

We don’t live in a Virgin Media area or FTTP so this gives us the fastest speeds available to us


Have you tried another browser to irradiate this?

Yeah, it’s the same with MS edge, chrome, opera on windows and MS edge, Safari on Mac

Is Voxi working towards getting an app? It just seems like such an obvious thing to have, especially when they are owned by Vodafone.

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I don’t think so and it’s bloody annoying they don’t.

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I think Smarty only recently released an app so it is clearly something these sorts of networks don’t care about.

If a provider has a decent website which almost functions as though it’s an app, then it’s really not a requirement. Not sure many have a decent website though :rofl:

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I know it isn’t necessary, but just that tiny bit easier having an app :slight_smile:

The smarty app is pretty good, better than the Three app :sweat_smile:

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What’s wrong with the Three app?