Best mobile networks?

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I like O2. Decent coverage (better than when I was with Three) and free sausage rolls on Fridays

Was with EE as a student (someone applied the student discount twice so I was paying something like £3 for a huge data deal for a couple of years). I think they have the best coverage but also the most expensive

This is why your question isn’t answerable by us. The best mobile network for you is the one with the best network in the places you need it.

Best way to find out is to use PAYGO SIMs from various networks.

FWIW I think EE are best for speed and coverage, Smarty are best for price.


Coverage isn’t the only important factor and even if you have coverage, the service still might not be the best. Other people can 100% help answer these sorts of questions.

I’d advise you to check out the other threads on the subject if you want quick answers. But what I think is best isn’t necessarily going to be any use to you.

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I’m not bothered about quick answers. I will likely stay with giffgaff until at least July because that’s when their student offer ends (I think). It is just a general question that might be helpful if I run into major issues with giffgaff.

Personally I didn’t like Three. Their coverage was strange, and my phone would often say 4G but with no data coming through.

O2 were fairly good, but speeds weren’t great.

I’m with EE now and their speeds are great, never had any issue with coverage BUT they are quite expensive.


Just had a quick check on EE and unless I’m using the filters wrong, there’s only one plan for Pay Monthly SIM Only that is under £20 which is £14 for 1GB. That is ridiculous. The rest of their plans seems ok, but it’s clear they really don’t care about people on a budget wanting a smaller amount of data.

I think most of the big providers focus on getting people on phone contracts, and don’t seem interested in being competitive on sim only rolling deals.

I’m on Voxi at the minute, vodaphone network, it was the cheapest deal with 5G for me. I’ve also had coverage issues with Three, O2 (giffgaff) were fine for me.


I did consider Voxi when they had a very good deal a few days ago, but I don’t need endless social media and the offered video streaming sites so I went with giffgaff instead who seem to have slightly better prices (or at least will do when their data goody bags increase).

I’m with Vodafone, and have been for many years with no real issues.
Just had a look at their SIM only contracts, and depending on your budget, they do seem to have some fairly good deals.


Their offers at the moment are very good. They currently have unlimited data for £11 for 6 months which is extremely good value.

It is but I don’t like signing up to anything other than rolling contracts personally. Not even sure why.

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I agree. This topic will soon be summarised as follows:

  • EE are the best
  • Vodafone are the best
  • O2 are the best
  • Three are the best
  • GiffGaff are the best
  • Sky mobile are the best
  • Tesco Mobile are the best
  • BT Mobile are the best
  • Virgin Mobile are the best
  • Talk Talk are the best

Everyones circumstances and requirements are different. It’s best to check out signal coverage, then use a comparison website to narrow down on the things that matter (price, data etc), then from the shortlist pick which you’d trust :slight_smile:


It’s not entirely about coverage either. After switching to Vodafone having been on Three for many years, it’s nice to finally have Visual Voicemail. I think there are quite a few networks that still don’t offer this.


One thing I like about EE is the Roam Abroad / Roam Further Pass. This allows you to pay a fixed fee to use your inclusive minutes, texts, and data whilst abroad in certain countries (including US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico). The fixed fee is £10/month but is applied on a pro-rata basis so if you have it for less than a month you end up paying less than £10 (at least, that’s what happened last time I used it - in 2019!)

Are there any MVNOs that have good international roaming features?
Last time I looked I couldn’t find any.


Only thing I’m interested in is what’s the coverage like in the areas I’m using it in and then what’s the price.

All the other :poop: they like to upsell as been part of a great technology company… I’m not interested in.


There’s only one network that is usable where I live and that’s EE. Three has a good signal but data absolutely crawls because they are so oversubscribed. The others have practically no signal.

I have a 5G transmitter just over the road so get at least 400Mb/s indoors so I’m happy to pay a bit over the odds.

I negotiated unlimited data for £30 a month and that includes 3 benefits, so I chose Apple Music, TV+ and Arcade, which I was paying for separately before.

Three are very good for roaming: their GoRoam feature (texts and calls using your plan minutes, data up to 12Gb) comes with all their contracts automatically, and has a lot of countries included (US, Australia, New Zealand are all in, Mexico and Canada are out). The costs rack up if you go somewhere outside of those countries though.

You can get EE coverage with other providers. BT comes to mind, but I’m sure there are others.

Edit: there’s a list.