Best Home Appliance

Best Home Appliance that everyone has.

Dishwasher, whilst the wife was a stay at home mum she was shocking at them, now I am a stay at home dad and now my sons carer living in a disability flat being 6ft 3 with a lowered sink so someone in a wheelchair could access the sink, took 6 minths through an OT to get it raised after 5 years on being told no the sink cannot be raised from day one, the 1st dishwasher ever had and it is awesome, even with leaving some water residue still 100% better than the wife’s drying and a million % better than her washing them :wink:

Lol Well im glad to see you got it sorted :grinning:

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Two dishwashers!

That way you have one with clean as you swap all the dirty stuff to the empty one. Best thing I ever did.


I’m sure I’ve seen a sink unit that can be raised and lowered as required on TV (DIY SOS maybe?}

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Already sorted by housing association as per post :rofl:

Are you on a mission to create every iteration of a “best of” thread you can think of?


(note: not that I’m bothered or criticising - I just noticed all these threads you create!)


Well it gives me something to do sorry if im getting on your nerves but i like to make different things to talk about

Washing machine! I don’t have a dishwasher :sob:

I didn’t I say you were getting on my nerves :man_shrugging:

Carry on.

Na i know u didnt say that was just saying mate im just the Best Man lol🤵