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I’m curious to know what technology they’re using…

I haven’t looked into it much but they are a FTTH provider and you’ll get an ONT box inside your property so you can hook it up to your router.

It turns out they are no longer IFNL but renamed to OFNL and belong to GTC and have a small number of ISP’s (5 or 6) you can pick from. I went with one called SeeTheLight.

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A quick Google shows Virgin don’t let you change the DNS on the 3.0 router,

What router are you currently using?

I’ll check and let you know when I get home. Thanks for helping out!

No prob,

If you dont know what router it is , then it’s probably the one from Virgin, and apparently they don’t let DNS changes, but you could override their settings on each device though.

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Thanks. It is a Virgin Super Hub 2, which I believe is Cisco router. I am fairly convinced, however, that it’s a “feature” of their service, though very keen to try anything that might improve the latency.

Change the DNS on each of your main devices and see if that improves.

Also do you have any kind of content filtering ? That might be causing some delay.

Simple things like rebooting the router.


Thanks a lot, @kolok. I’ll try the DNS change.

I don’t think rebooting the router will help, as this has been an issue since I switched to Virgin Media five years ago, and I reboot it regularly.

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My virgin bill just went from £30 to £47 and they advertise my package online at £26. Absolutely seething!!! Cancelling tomorrow unless they match the new customer price

Does anyone have any experience with GreenNet or Green ISP?

Had one year of Virgin granted the Broadband is the quickest but WiFi shocking along with TV service, went back to Sky in July, never gonna touch virgin again also Bill was going to go from £79 to £125

My bill went from £30 to £47 and next month it would go to £55.50! I called them and they agreed to go to £26.50 for 6 month and £30 for another 6 month! I think it’s a disgusting way to do business, they’re just counting on people not being able to negotiate effectively.
Taking advantage of the most vulnerable people in this way should be illegal!

Edit: I have my own ASUS router so no problem with WiFi and don’t own a TV


They were wanting £1,500 are year for that?

This is my face.

All ISP WiFi hubs are crap, buy a decent one.

I only use the Virgin hub as a modem

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I was with Plusnet and bought my own Asus router which Plusnet allowed you to use ur own, whilst I was with Virgin I used their router as a moment then home plug to the Asus router but the whole overall package with Virgin is shocking (TV Wise setup etc) so far behind sky it is unreal

Now I have Sky Q with the Mi i boxes so no issues with dead spots as the Sky mini boxes create a mesh network

I have just cancelled with Virgin as bill was going from £29 to £47 a month luckily they have just put fiber to the property in my street £30 for 500 up and down!!

Sky Q is definitely a you-get-what-you-pay-for service, it is expensive but it’s features (and stability) are still beyond what the competition has. Especially in multi-room set-ups in larger houses. The WiFi mesh is very good.

Here’s a rather long account of my recent dealings with Virgin Media. Feel free to skip to the final paragraph if you just want the summary.

Decided to leave Virgin Media last month, as the cost of their TV/broadband/phone package was changing from £79 to £83, and I’d several times had faults on the phone line and with the WiFi, and had to endure their shocking customer service.

The offered to put me on their best package for £63 per month if I signed up for a 12-month contract. I rejected it, and said that wouldn’t solve the technical issues. They offered me another deal at £41.62 per month for six months, and £45.51 for the following six - and said they’d send round an engineer. I refused. They then offered to make the first month free, so I told them I’d call to accept the offer if an engineer managed to solve the issues. They said I’d be able to accept the offer by SMS.

The engineer installed a new router and made some changes to the phone line. After they left, my work computer wouldn’t connect anymore, either wirelessly or with a cable. I called up, and their technical team said it had to be a blackspot, so he’d send me boosters for free. I said it wasn’t a blackspot, but he said that’s all he could do. I asked for another engineer. The new engineer arrived five days later and diagnosed that a multiport repeater I was using was causing issues, and solved it.

I sent them a SMS to accept the contract, but got no response.

I called up to accept the contract retroactively to the date I’d sent them the SMS. Virgin Media told me they had no record of offering me a free month. They also said the system wouldn’t allow them to offer such pricing, as those offers no longer existed. I raised an official complaint, and suggested they listen to the six hours of phone calls, to confirm I was telling the truth. They promised to get back to me within seven days. They didn’t.

I called them nine days later, and told them I’d report them to Ofcom and the office of fair trading if they didn’t solve the issue immediately. This was my 12th phone call to them. This took another 28 minutes, but they now assure me that everything is in order.

Conclusion: I dis Fully intend to leave Virgin Media, but instead, for the next year, I’m paying less than half what I would otherwise be paying for the best TV and broadband package available. However, it took a lot of stress and over six hours over 12 phone calls. I also feel cheated that I might otherwise be paying £83 per month, and have obviously been overpaying for the past few years. I dread having to call them up in a year - when apparently my deal will revert to £63 per month - to negotiate a new deal. However, if you’re unhappy with how much they’re charging you, and you’re out of contract, They are likely to offer you a better deal. [PS: I haven’t yet received my bill, so they’re still a chance they haven’t properly applied the agreed tariff. The saga may yet continue.]

That sounds like a real nightmare. I think Virgin is one of those where if it works it’s amazing but if something goes wrong it does so spectacularly. My experience was kind of okay but even though you’re unlimited you get penalised if you’re a heavy user at the point of upgrade as the system won’t allow them to discount it by a lot if your usage is very high.

and about Sky, whilst most ISP routers are truly awful, Sky’s Hub (before Q and now) are the most reliable routers I’ve ever used. They don’t have much in the way of features but I’ve never had one fail on me and they run reliably consistently.

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Hyperoptic are fantastic.

Went for the modest 150mb package, around 200+ up and down, at all times. All for 20 quid a month.