Best Android emulator for PC

Looking for an alternative to Bluestacks as it will BSOD my machine while ‘starting the engine’ during the install of the software

Windows will BSOD and MacOS will just fail to start the engine, but not outright crash like Windows 10 does

Any suggestions?

The best one will always be the google one, because it’s the same emulator that will have been used to develop the apps in the first place.


Can you run bluestacks in a VM?

Use nirsoft bsod to see why it’s going BSOD

Does the Google emulator have the play store?

Don’t know, the whole point of bluestacks is you don’t need a more traditional emulator and yes, it does have the playstore

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Turns out something is wrong with my PC as no android emulators will run and always bluescreens on startup of the emulator - I have VT-x enabled in BIOS. Just odd, google says it’s a potential RAM issue

Try running nirsoft bsod it will give you alot of details.

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Thanks for the suggestion - seems to be: ntoskrnl.exe causing the BDOD,

Possible causes are pointing to the RAM - I was looking at getting a new PC - it’s fairly old now (i7 5960x, 16GB DDR3 ram, X99 based motherboard)

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I’d try a memory test if you haven’t yet,

Search for memory diagnostic in start and it should come up, may take a while.

Look if there’s any hardware driver updates available such as bios ones, download tools from the manufacturers site.

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Thanks for the tips! It’s not looking like a RAM issue


This is frustrating as I do tech support for a job, lmao

I have done an sfc scan now which found errors and then fixed them, windows is up to date too

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Will/is hyper V enabled on your machine? (You’ll need win 10 pro)

There’s a list of things you can try but I’m not sure how much effort you want to put in,

Clean the installation with this guide

Then disable your AV and try again

Also turn off hyper V if you have it on may help apparently.

Check manufacturers sites for bios , graphics card etc updates.


If you don’t want to do a clean install of Windows try using the Microsoft media creation tool to do an in place upgrade of windows , backup important files, or if you have a spare hard drive get a fresh windows installation booted on that to test.

If you have more than 1 stick of ram try removing 1 at a time to see if any are faulty.

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Gave in and re-installed Windows, tbh it was all mostly all my stuff was on a Separate drive anyway. Bluestacks is now installed, I’ll never know what caused the BSOD I guess, but the only thing I didn’t do was cleaning registry

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Glad it’s sorted ,

A clean install can do wonders.

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I use Ubuntu. Then install Anbox as a snap. And then run android from there. I managed to get monzo running like that. Was useful from my laptop, whist my phone was in repair.

Anbox is used a lot for streaming apps/games for remote access and emulation.


I’ve got Monzo running in bluestacks as I sold my Android phone and didn’t want to be signing out and in of 2 ios devices all the time :smiley: