Best (and worst) of 2022

Thought it would be fun to reminisce on all the events of the past year and pick out some highlights.

There are possibly too many to choose from but my personal favourite has to be “The Lettuce” :leafy_green:. The fact that it has its own Wikipedia page just sums it up.

Also, just to wish all you fine folks a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :christmas_tree:


Merry :christmas_tree: to you & yours too.

:santa: :gift: :clinking_glasses: :plate_with_cutlery: :turkey: :partying_face:

I agree with the lettuce. Closely followed by the :poo:-storm that was the Elon-buys-then-attempts-to-renage-then-actually-buys-then-completely-messes-the-platform-up show. Remarkable.


Definitely agree with lettuce-gate :leafy_green: I was secretly hoping someone would create some charitable merch to celebrate its success.

Musks :poop:storm is up there too but who can forget the big ol’ heatwave :fire::hot_face:

Even though I start at 6am, it was still like working in an oven😂


I think I’ll wait for Trumps tax returns to be released before making a final decision on this

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What about that one week everyone became an avgeek? #BOSCHHH

I’m also still calling this:

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That is brilliant.

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