Bells palsy

Anybody on here dealt with this before? How long did it last?

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First result when you Google Bell’s Palsy answers your question.


Cheers pal

No bother :+1:

I’ve had one back in 2010. As fr as I remember it was about 1.5-2 weeks. Was inconvenient but went away with minimum aftereffects.


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Thank you very much!

I had it about 20yrs ago. I was brushing my teeth very quickly one morning, had a very weird feeling in my cheek… gradually right side of face dropped and felt numb…Couldn’t speak or open eye…horrible, thought I had a stroke. I was a mobile DJ then and had a gig that weekend… terrible time. But after loads of treatment (facial therapy) it helped. Still can’t feel right side face, and when I eat or drink, my eyes weep ( as if I’m crying)

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