Being paid every second, an experiment

To be honest I think this would be a fairly trivial thing to achieve. The hardest part would be getting the code for working with the api and there are a few pre built packages for this (disclaimer I made one for my own use in python)

The downsides as someone has already mentioned is that people tend to budget based on when they get paid. I for example have almost all of my direct debits come out in the first few days of the month.

Ot would probably be better to so the following

  1. set up direct debits to come out of a bills pot
  2. remainder of balance to be paid into a different pot
  3. remainder to be divided by how many minutes you work a month
  4. corn job running every x amount of time to move money from out to current account

To stop hammering Monzo maybe 4 should be once an hour.

Also another caveat is that not all bills are direct debits so there would need to accountability for the non direct debit bills and for money to cover those to be available.

Another option would be for the money in step 4 to be moved to a pot that has a virtual card associated with it. This virtual card to be used for spending it that has the downside of not being cash readily available.

What’s the maths for lifeline? Like salary / 365 / 24 /60?

I worked out working hours and it was very sad. :joy:

I need a pay rise.

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I basically just took what I earned last year, and divided it by minutes in a year.