Been waiting 14 hours for someone to reply!

That’s not exactly customer centric is it? And where do you draw such an arbitrary line? 1% 10%?

New customers joining certainly shouldn’t be used as any sort of defence as to why long wait times are acceptable. The two are completely unrelated.

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I don’t have any data to be able to answer that.

Monzo is a business like all other banks. I’d guess it’s not viable to hire tonnes of new staff or build new functionality for the minorities :man_shrugging:

I feel like the problem here might be the same as that which I suffered from a few weeks back (and you kindly sorted for me) that messages can end up in the wrong queue due to having a single support chat thread in the app.

I wanted to report fraudulent transactions in the app but because I’d received a mass message from Monzo 2 months before it went into the queue as a response to that mass message, which wasn’t currently being checked.


They have a week of training on site at London or Cardiff, and then another week of primarily answering queries still at the training site.

We have ongoing support from other COps and Squad Captains. A large part of my job as Squad Captain is coaching my squad :blush:


And then before any of this, I assume that all of the usual personnel background checks have to be made? That isn’t a 5 minute job and is costly. Let’s face it, you can’t have just anyone have access to or handle private financial information. Depending on the sorts of checks carried out, DBS/CRB for example, these can take more time than one would like.

hi I have been logged out my account which had money saved into it, I tried calling Monzo and emailing over a dozen times and it has been three days without a response. when banks see fraud the first thing they think off is fast action No on, NO ONE has helped my money could be long gone after Monzo sending me and email saying my account email has been change and me replying brefiely saying it WAS NOT ME.

You got a reply in the other topic you said the exact same thing in. Although I imagine this situation is frustrating, I don’t think reviving a 3 month old topic is going to help.


Congrats on your promotion @BethS! Still remember when you joined the team, time really has flown… And a thank you for the time you still spend on here answering questions.

Thanks lovely! It has gone by very fast.

and I’m sorry about the problems you’re having @tfrey12, but the best thing to do is email - you should definitely get a reply there.

If you haven’t received a response, please DM me your email and I can take a look to see if we’ve received it.

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