Beat the contracts

So been working on trying to get free from long term Contracts but still finding the ways to get the perks, but still able to move if it gets beaten.

Thought might be good idea to share these finds, if anyone thinks it’s a great idea to become free from being tied in long term. If already similar threads feel free to delete !

First one is the obvious one, managed to get £30 a month rolling 4g Vodafone with 60gb monthly data unlimited calls and texta by going into carphone warehouse store, when they had double data deal on. Bought a phone handset outright (“second hand”, but pretty much new in an opened box so got £150 off the brand new price)

Next is they auto switch your gas and electric supplier if more than £50 discount is an option elsewhere but do charge £25 yearly fee after they have saved you a minimum of £50 per year.

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