BBC - Billion Dollar Deals and How They Changed Your World ep2

(Max Walker) #1

So this is live on BBC 2 at the moment, quite an interesting look at some of the deals that changed the world, this week is about finance including PayPal and M-Pesa (Kenya).

I’ve noted that it mentions the monolithic nature of the big banks and how they are slow to react to change. Just thought it was interesting, did anyone else see it?

(Max Walker) #2

Interesting to note that according to the show, Apple pay and Android pay differ in terms of their charging policy. So Apple want the cash, they take a small percentage of the transaction fee for themselves without claiming rights to your payment data whereas Android pay do not take anything BUT they can use your transaction data including photos you associate with the payment…

I think I prefer Apple in this case, I don’t particularly enjoy speculating what Google is using the data for.

(Adam) #3

pushing adverts back to you to spend even more

(Hugh) #4

Then don’t use Google or Facebook or Twitter or Amazon or essentially, the internet.

(Herp Derp) #5

DuckDuckGo - Gab AI - eBay

(Hugh) #6

I think you’ll find eBay is terrible for selling advertising data :stuck_out_tongue:

(Herp Derp) #7

I don’t use it lol

I like Amazon coz Prime and Alexa

(Max Walker) #8

Honestly, I think my main concern is the sheer amount of data being held by a single organisation, sure facebook knows which videos of pranks ive watched but Google holds emails, what I watch on youtube, where I am via google maps, what I search for and what I buy which is arguably more worrying.

(Hugh) #9

Maybe :wink:

if that’s what you believe then don’t use it.

(isn’t meant to sound petulant - more to show how difficult it is to avoid the data collection on this scale on the modern internet)

(Herp Derp) #10

I really don’t care if Google knows what I search or what videos I watch, I don’t care what Microsoft reads in my E-Mails, I don’t care what Apple see I my messages or what apps I use… to be honest none of that stuff bothers me… Damn they might be enlightened by some of the crap I watch and search.

Salad Fingers

#11 is better than duckduckgo - it submits your search to google but anonymizes it.

I’ve been playing with firefox plus containers - it essentially creates a new browser footprint when you launch a container and so the other tabs don’t know what you are looking at. Facebook, gmail, twitter, amazon are all banished to their own containers and can’t use their cookies to track me on other sites. I can fire off an amazon container to search for products without forever having them as suggestions on my amazon front page, browse without facebook knowing my every move, etc. I love it.

Add on ublock-origin (which kills google analytics on here, sorry monzo) and if you really hate trackers umatrix, and you can start to confound the parasites.