Battery drain in Android 2.28.1

Latest version of the Android app is causing ‘high power usage’ warnings ony OnePlus5. Anyone else getting this issue with either this app version or one a OneaPlus device?

The system waning is part of the Oxygen OS Android overlay I think and not present in stock Android

Monzo doesn’t make a dent in my battery life :yum:

Pixel3XL, 9.0, Monzo 2.28.1 :sunglasses:

Have you tried reinstalling the app to see if that makes a difference? :blush: And have you checked that your device is “optimising” monzo’s battery usage?

Also OP5 using 2.28.1 and no high battery usage warnings. I do tend to force close the app quite a lot though. Will leave it in the background for the day and let you know what I see.

I’m getting this warning on my OnePlus 3T too.

Yep came up 53 minutes after being open in the background:

Phone: OP5
OS: OxygenOS 5.1.7 (Android 8.1.0)
Launcher: Nova 5.5.4
Monzo App: 2.28.1


Oh that is odd

Does Oxygen show the mAh usage?

10 minutes active use is 60mAh for me, or 2% of my 3200mAh Moto G6 Plus.

Interestingly Starling 10mins active use is half Monzos.


Even at 60mAh every 10mins it’ll take almost 9 hours of continuous banking usage to take down the phone. :man_shrugging:

I think I’ve had this notification once, about a week ago.
Not seen it again since. I always leave Monzo open in the background.

OnePlus 3T
OxygenOS 5.0.8
Android 8.0.0
Monzo App v2.28.1

No :frowning:

OP5 here, and I get these “Monzo is draining you battery” notifications all the time (Beta app)

In recent apps carousel, I have the padlock on Monzo set (i.e. I never manually kill it).

Settings > Battery > Battery optimisation > :mondo: is set to Optimise.

Settings > Apps > Application List > :mondo: > Battery shows 2m used in active use, 0m in background, 0% of total app usage (7mAh).

So doesn’t look particularly heavy. Nevertheless it is pretty annoying… I used to get the same notifications for Firefox a lot (even after Quantum IIRC) but that’s fine now

Hi all sorry to resurrect an old thread (didn’t seem worth a new one and I might no get OP owners in the beta threads) but are you getting the same warnings with v2.49.0 of Monzo?

Just had one through:

Again the actual usage doesn’t seem too bad:


I am also experiencing the same issue, draining the battery a lot more compared to other apps. I have a Pixel 3a, Android Q 10.0, Monzo 2.61.0.

It’s twice as high as other apps, even though I’ve restricted it’s battery usage, and only opened it a couple of times briefly!

I’ll turn off the Lab features next, any other ideas?

I would try a reinstall as it isn’t much of a faff.

Could be the Android Q though, I’ve got a pixel 3 on Pie and the same Monzo version as you saying 7 mins using 1%

Do you typically leave the app open in the background? I’m also not seeing this on Pie but I close the app so can try and replicate the background running if that’s the case.

Thanks I will try reinstalling next, I did suspect it could be Android Q though.

I close the app by swiping it away from my recent opened apps, however I don’t force close it. I will report back later today with my findings!

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Still very high battery drain, just 3 minutes of usage today and it’s at 15%, barely used my phone today, next highest app is at 3%!

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, removing lab features, notifications, closing the app, only thing I’ve not tried is force stopping the app.

I didn’t have this problem with my old phone (OnePlus 3), so my inclination is that it’s either a Pixel 3a or Android Q issue.

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I’d wait for the next update and then make a bug report in the bugs section.

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Forgot to reply to this, but I no longer have the battery drain issue after a simple restart of my phone!

Seems like a possible issue with the app if it’s causing massive battery drain upon first installation, hopefully this may help someone else in my shoes in any case!

Hey Luke did you get sorted I just updated to Q and getting terrible drain from Monzo,

Hi yes the problem seemed to have disappeared after restarting my phone. If that doesn’t work then I definitely suggest reporting it as a bug since it is incredibly high draining.