Barclays chat

I know about the balance being the statement rather than how much I have currently spent.

Just didnt know about refunds counting towards it, mostly because if they do, I dont quite understand my balance and transactions total. I assume it will all become a bit clearer when I get my next statement.

Thanks for everyone’s help and sorry if im being completely stupid in my understanding of credit cards :smile:

Just checked online and it is actually very clear that I’ve now paid my bill, but this wasn’t here beforehand. Not a clue if I had actually covered the balance beforehand.

So either I had paid it off and they didn’t tell me on online banking, or I didn’t and customer services got it wrong.

EDIT: Customer service is absolutely rubbish. Asking about this now and apparently the £1 paid off my Feb statement. I didn’t have a Feb statement. Definitely ditching Barclaycard in a few months time.

EDIT 2: Yay! Finally got them to realise my point and accept there was an error in the system with what it was showing me!

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