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So a further update on my saga with Barclays and Cifas Protective Registration.

Since I’ve been in branch and told the hard credit search has not been carried out I found out that the advice I received was incorrect and I have in fact been hard searched. Submitted a complaint which was pretty quickly resolved. They upheld that I received incorrect advice and offered £50 compensation but that they can’t remove the hard search. I said I’m happy with that – how much can an extra (non-credit related) hard search mean, anyway?

If I take it to the Ombudsman, the search will fall off naturally before they even look at it!


Well technically they can, just don’t want to. Seems petty, but unsure of the impact vs the £50.

Would that hard search cause you to lose out on more favourable upcoming rates ie mortgage etc if you were to apply?

Lloyds were always lenient on removing hard searches (from working for them), whereas other banks don’t seem to be so flexible.

I’m not due a remortgage for another couple of years, and my only planned hard searches for the rest of the year are an iPhone upgrade programme loan, Flex (possibly), and maybe one more current account :sweat_smile:

I know they could remove it if they wanted to, and that would be my ideal outcome, but not sure where else within the bank I could take it. The ombudsman is probably super backlogged so by the time they get around it it would probably fall off anyway.

NatWest agreed to remove one recently because their application form wasn’t clear (details in another thread)


I would say it’s more about the principal around it tbf. Even just getting them a slap on the wrists would be worth it.

Can I both take the £50 and refer them to the Ombudsman?

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Yes, you have up to 6 months from the final response to take it to the ombudsman for review.

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Even if I want to keep the £50? I might do, but also don’t want to piss them off (and it’s a bit of a he said she said situation given the advice I acted on was only given verbally, in person, so not even a recording to prove)

Yeah you can still keep it, their final response was here, take £50 and that’s the end of it from us.

The letter should also state your rights to take it to the ombudsman and they aren’t going to say give them the money back in a case like this.

My understanding, and I could be wrong, is the ombudsman can only give a view on what is fair for both sides, and you choose which you prefer to settle on if they feel Barclays weren’t fair enough, they could also say they’ve been too fair, and an apology would suffice (you’d still keep the £50), unless you agreed with the ombudsman and wanted (by choice) to pay the goodwill back.

The latter is unlikely to ever happen in most instances :joy: