Barclays (and others) looking to catch up

Hope the same applies with protective registration

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Ah not sure on that front, I think every creditor would need to reach out first to discuss it.

FD does refer people to HSBC physical branches in some circumstances.


Based on what I have read on MSE over the years, they used to ask people to post back certified documents if extra ID checks were needed.

Now they have an alternative application flow through their app (instead of the website). It’s probably better to do that as I believe it involves a selfie so may give them a higher level of confidence that you are who you say you are.

So I went in today. Quite unfriendly at the front, telling me I need an appointment and that I need to queue at the counter for an appointment (about 10 people in the queue). Luckily someone was available so I could give them my ID – they scanned it and sent it on to the reviews team. Now to wait.

If this is how it is I will probably have to give up on accounts and switches while I have my protective registration


Sorry for the double post but this is not related to the above. Are anyone else’s merchant logos all over the place in the Barclays app? Almost every transaction shows the incorrect logo. Not sure if it’s local caching issue or an app bug as I can’t see them getting logos this wrong on the backend.


Looks like a caching issue to me.

I don’t really use my Barclays account much, but the Barclays logo is correctly showing on recent transfers between my Barclays accounts.

I had a similar experience back when I first opened my account with them (which I only wanted due to a double Blue Rewards promotion if you switched).

I had to make an appointment to open an account, because there was some kind of blocker on their online system where you couldn’t apply for any account except a student account online if you were a student (and even then, you had to go in with ID and a manual verification of student status). So I made an appointment and was quite pressed for time, so I arrived at the branch literally a minute or two before my appointment. I then had to join a similar long queue to “check in” with a woman with an iPad (at the front of the branch). It took about 20 minutes to get to the front of the queue, and the woman then chastised me for “being late for my appointment” (I wasn’t actually) and that she would have to “see if a banker was available”. The guy who I was originally going to have my appointment with then came out and introduced himself, and he was very polite and professional - so he somewhat undid the negative first impression of the “greeter” woman. I then never needed to go into Barclays again, and my only other interaction with them has been a handful of times on the phone which have been OK but mixed (some very good, others not very seamless and a bit clunky - although not too bad overall, but that’s a small sample size given I’ve only called them a handful of times).

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Update on this – there’s still no update. Not sure what’s going on but I’m tempted to just chat to them and ask to cancel the second account application as I went elsewhere, and just not bother at all.

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Update to my update. Went to chat to ask them to cancel my application. Been told I need to go into branch with 2 forms of ID to request that :exploding_head: well, if cutting Blue Rewards was not enough, this will certainly get me to stop moving any money through their accounts

As good as I considered their tech (compared to other digital banks), the app has gotten really slow and clearly their processes are stuck in the last century


If you have a protective CIFAS registration, I suspect you will find the same with many banks. You are in effect, asking for the extra checks…


I’m contacting them from an authorised device (something I am) using my login details (something I know). That’s two factors, should be secure enough. Or they have video chat, why is that not enough? Is someone going to wear prosthetics to pretend to be me?

I’d agree to extra checks if it was just a random application form on the website but given I’m asking them to cancel one that’s been ongoing for a week, using my device and my online banking logins I wouldn’t expect this.

Especially as RBS opened a credit card for me without as much as asking me to log into online banking

I disagree. That sounds like the minimum requirements needed under SCA.

I don’t know why you have a protective CIFAS registration but it flags to an institution there is a greater risk of some kind.

As such, I would expect additional checks/delays in processing requests.


I understand that extra checks are required very well, but it’s just not a great customer experience with branches being closed and opening hours reduced. There are a million different alternatives to going into branch these days – and extra checks shouldn’t really mean it takes a week I think

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TBH if they want you to go into a branch to cancel an application that’s their problem… you can ‘cancel’ by throwing the documents away when they arrive and forgetting about it.

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I’ve never really looked up the CIFAS but from my crude understanding, it’s pretty much there to make it nigh on impossible for anyone to deal with anything credit related under your name etc etc.

It seems like it works at least, it’s throwing in those multiple spanners.

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Just as I’d never actually heard of what this is, this is what they say:

So I can kind of see why they delay and require in person checks. The ones online must be the minimum PLUS this additional marker. Not ideal but I guess it means it’s doing it’s job?


Yes, in a way.

In simple terms CIFAS protective registration warns a bank that fraud has been attempted recently against that person’s identity (it doesn’t spell this out, but this is why people ask for these markers to be added and they will know that). So it works as a red flag to prompt extra checks.

Now there is a debate to be had about methods of “extra checking” and how to make them easy and accessible for the customer, but they will always tend towards the more onerous and severe because that’s the whole point - to make it more difficult, and hopefully practically impossible, for someone to successfully steal your identity. It’s not just clear-cut stuff like that which CIFAS is designed to protect against either, it can also be things like coercive control and controlling, financially abusive partners.

If you are the bank, you will want to thoroughly check everything because it is “better” to inconvenience a potentially-genuine customer than to allow fraud to occur when you have already been warned to be on the lookout by the data in the database. So it’s understandable that they are cautious - they aren’t going to be giving such applicants the benefit of the doubt.


pretty impressed with the almost instant notifications from the Lloyds app so far



Didn’t realise Nationwide was still in the dark ages for not being able to add payees in via the app :sweat_smile:

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