Barclays (and others) looking to catch up

(Vladislav Kozub) #42

Curious to see the dogs adapting. If Monzo could implement transactions on the map one day (similarly to an old suggestion), that would be indeed fascinating.

Please do not suggest GitHub, I have no idea how to use it :disappointed_relieved:

(Excited about Christmas) #43

I was chatting to a mate the other day who said Monzo was “hardly groundbreaking” Told him about Summary, and he seemed to think Halifax offer the same?! When I asked why they weren’t adding 100k customers a month, he said “It’s not all about growth…” :thinking:

(Adam) #44

When I was with Halifax, they did have a version of the summary. They called it ‘balance extra’ they predicted when your pay was and all your bills and told you how much you had left to spend. It was incredibly basic though.

(Ray) #45

Bless, he’ll learn in time…

(Jonathon) #46

It was awful! I remember it and it was so, so bad.


The £500 limit is a temporary thing as cheque imaging beds in across all providers. Clearing houses and some slower to move banks are placed to handle more yet or even image properly.

The end aim will be to clear any and all values, though you may need to request a limit to which you can clear.

(Excited about Christmas) #48

Haha - my response was “Hmmm…maybe this is just done better…”


I was part of the original trial on Barclays cheque imaging so been using it for a long time, I get cheques most weeks, they all clear very quickly, the longest its taken one to clear has been 18 hours so far.

(SimonL) #50

I have it available on my account but don’t recieve cheques to use it!!

(Gareth) #51

So after the “savings pots”, Lloyds Bank have now released this update. All of these things are reminding me of a certain other bank…

(Tom) #52

I was talking about this earlier on Slack. The new tab bar is good, but using one of the ‘slots’ for Apply seems wasted, they could put their ‘new’ card controls there instead, for example.

Also no mention in-app of their Money Manager feature, which is baffling. They’ve had it for years and it’s basically their version of Summary. It’s even a bit buried when you log-in online.

(Ray) #53

A reminder, I suppose, that Monzo need to remember what differentiates them from the legacy banks who are now cottoning on…

(Morty) #54

To be honest, I don’t know how they compare as I’ve been with them for around 20 years now.

From what I understand though, they tend to be the most progressive of the legacy banks in terms of app functionality and security, which is why I’m struggling to make that last final leap to leaving a legacy bank and going Monzo full time.