Barclays (and others) looking to catch up


Is Barclays good as a legacy bank?

(Is Santa here yet?) #23

My only problem with them are the charges. But I’ve always found them really nice and the app is very good

(Ray) #24

I used to be with Halifax and left them because they couldn’t send me a card with Chip and PIN that worked!

(Andre Borie) #25

From what I read here, First Direct seems to be the best option if you want legacy. Metro Bank also has its perks with branches open until late.

(Ray) #26

I know someone who switched to First Direct but now he’s appearing in my contacts as having a Monzo account :joy:

(Jonathon) #27

I just hate the Metro Bank card design and logo. That blue and red… my eyes.

(Andre Borie) #28

Looks like a cheap Nationwide knockoff. :joy::joy:

(Tom) #29

Haven’t seen this, got a link?

(Jack) #30

They’ve had it for a number of years which is the strangest thing!

(Gareth) #31

Unfortunately not :frowning:

It popped up while I was checking my accounts and the app blocks screenshots.

I haven’t seen it since. I am pretty sure though they are just “Easy Saver” accounts that you can now name :joy:. I just thought the choice of words was interesting (pun intended).


Holy crap, Barclays have created the first ever confirmed AI?! On a mobile app of all things? Damn, finally truly self aware machines …

… I hate it when companies use the term AI when what they mean is sophisticated decision branches and so forth.


I would love a banking app that could modify itself to perform better in the future.
Overkill to pay for a coffee probably - think of the energy it would consume…, but it would be wild to see it!


Imagine a true AI in charge of your money, what if it got bored and decided to run off with the toaster and take your cash with it?

(Simon B) #35

I personally feel that as a company you either have the culture and structure to be leading on technology as a priority, or you don’t. The fact that these companies are touting features we launched with almost 3 years ago is proof positive of this. We’ll continue to innovate and pioneer amazing new features in an extremely rapid development time and that will continue to propel our incredible growth.

Just today, I had a friend who has been working at (redacted legacy bank) as a Product Manager for over a decade tell me that he’s interested in working for us. He said, that within that company he hears a variant of the phrase “Why can’t we be more like Monzo?” on a daily basis.

Yesterday, at our weekly company All Hands meeting, Tom doubled down on this. We’re encouraging everyone in the company to take these shots, build these things, and ship them if they even have potential to be viable. Things like Pots, IFTTT support and Gambling Block didn’t take dozens of developers, multiple levels of approval, and months of testing. They were built quickly by small teams of incredibly talented engineers. And we have a LOT more ideas where those ones came from that we’ll be building in the months to come :slightly_smiling_face:


But on a serious note, should we truly ever develop AI - think of the ethical issues, e.g. slavery of AI’s?

(Sorry a bit deep for 23:20 at night, I’m going to bed)


But but but … gantt charts, reams of documentation, hours/days/weeks of waiting for approval and then 25,000 stage gates to get through before you even start thinking of developing man! Seriously Monzo don’t you know that’s how YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO IT!

… damn millennial tech startups

(Andre Borie) #38

Millennials ruin everything.


Paperclips are the new 42

(Andre Borie) #40

Speaking of legacy banks trying to catch up I have so many stories to share about a certain French “digital” bank… long story short they hired a bullshit consultancy (think Accenture) to build something; a year passed with no progress (but papers, Powerpoints and meetings were taking place every other day or so) even their own employees started saying “Hold on… didn’t we just buy an online bank that had an app already? Why not just rebrand it? At least it works”.

The project is live now but the result is just as bad as you’d expect. The worst is that none of the current employees realise how bad it is because the employees that actually realised it left long ago.

(Ray) #41

Was what I was bemoaning on another thread (it’s bunkum actually).