Barclays (and others) looking to catch up

Problem is still opening hours, I’m away before they open and back after they close :sob:

It’s a start and sure it will get better with time

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Barclays need instant notifications, that’s the big one

This is an instant notification of a direct debit although lacking some details

I hardly ever use my Barclays account so I probably wouldn’t know if it had instant notifications yet anyway. I rely on what I see in the app to see new features they have.

I’m part of the closed beta and has only just started working for me meant to be ready by late September

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I agree…shopping

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Will be interesting to see what exchange rate Barclays offer.


The devil is in the detail, as always. This piqued my interest, though, with Nationwide removing the interest from their Plus account.

There’ll be no caps on spending, and no cap on the number of ATM withdrawals either – the same limits apply as they do at home in terms of cash withdrawal limits (personal customers £300 a day, premier customers £1,000 a day). As always, individual ATMs may still charge you for cash withdrawals.

Barclays have their android 10 act together now

The Barclays app will now work as normal with Android 10 so you can start to use it again. Sorry for how long it took us to fix the issue. Thanks for your patience. Your Barclays Team