Barclaycard in Barclays app?

Hi all,

I recently applied for a Barclaycard, mostly as my other banking is with them (besides Monzo). I found it surprising that I couldn’t apply through my online banking and had to use an external website but hey, it’s legacy systems

After the application it prompted me to register for an online account

Now both the Barclaycard and Barclays websites say I can view my card in the Barclays app but I can’t see it anywhere. Or a way to add it. Does anyone have any experience with this? How do I magic it there?

It’s supposed to be automatic - it happens when your ‘mobile banking’ accounts get automatically linked. Do you have the Barclaycard app? If you do, did you use the same mobile number to sign up?

I didn’t download the Barclaycard app as I thought the Barclays one would be enough

To make things more confusing the Barclaycard app is now telling me to log in using my current account rather than my Barclaycard account and is behaving entirely like the mobile banking app. Is this normal?

As you’ve got the Barclays app, it’s trying to save you time by just verifying through that app instead of going through the full mobile setup. This part is completely normal, happened to me too.

Do you see both your Barclays account and Barclaycard in the app(s) now?

Edit: If it’s still not giving you your Barclaycard info in app it would seem the two aren’t linking correctly. The ‘Online Banking Helpdesk’ are the correct people to help you. Their number is 0345 600 2323 (from here). They deal with all the app registrations and the likes.

I registered for the Barclaycard app with one of those codes from the Barclays app but it’s only showing the Barclays accounts and not the Barclaycard… oh well, I guess I have no choice but to call/go in to a branch…

It’s an incredible mess…

At various times, I’ve had the following apps

Barclaycard - just displays credit card balance, anything else causes error message now
Launchpad - won’t launch anymore :joy:
Barclays - shows current account and credit card, but has statements for current account and one Pingit(!) account
Pingit - shows current account and Pingit accounts

No way to access my credit card statements any more on my phone. Don’t use it enough to bother working out what has gone wrong either

Hey :open_hands: - somewhat related query.
Until about 2 weeks ago Barclays had issues where you couldn’t pay for your Barclayscard statement in-app using your Monzo card. :credit_card:
They said they managed to fix this from their side, which I could only validate with a couple of Monzo employees who had Barclayscards

You would do us a massive favour by telling me if you have had any issues paying your Barclayscard balance recently :heart:

If you haven’t, I would appreciate if you could try to pay £1 of your Barclayscard balance and see if it gets approved :white_check_mark:

Ok, i’ve just given this a try and got a “Payment Unsuccessful, Sorry, something went wrong”.
followed by “We’re working hard to fix it, please check back later or call us if you need to make an urgent payment”
This was for a test payment of £1, nothing has even appeared in my Monzo App either

God damn it. I’ll chase them up tomorrow. Thanks for the help though :pray:


No problem mate

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This only happens on mobile, so you should all be able to pay the balance on their site

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My girlfriend and I also had this issue of not being able to pay our Barclaycard bills with our Monzo cards in their app. The last time the bill generated at the beginning of this month it worked fine though. Before that I had to pay on the website.

Any update on not being able to pay in app Barclaycard…? It works fine for other cards just not Monzo.Been like that since they update their app…

If they haven’t updated the app again then I can’t see they can have fixed anything. Have you asked Barclays what they’re doing about it?

Spoke to Barclays a few times but they just tell me to uninstall and reinstall! Or that they are working on it, but I get the sense they don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s something to do with the security check conflicting after entering ccv number…

Sorry this fell off my radar… It has nothing to do with the card’s CVC. The Barclays app is not rendering the 3DS challenge correctly in their app’s web-view…
For now you’ll have to rely on the browser…
If you don’t mind, are you on android? I saw this working fine on iOS earlier

Yes… On Android. At some point in the middle of last night it almost worked and took me to the 3ds screen for the first time since new Barclaycard app came out… It worked about 6 times but transaction keep failing…

They released an update yesterday but still no joy…