🇧🇧 Monzo in Barbados

(Jason Green) #1

Going here at Christmas
Any one had any experience/comments as I believe most machines are still the old swipe ones!

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(james_e_bell) #2

I wasn’t able to use Monzo card in ATM in barbados


Any particular ATM brand or location?

(james_e_bell) #4

Hmm i cant remember but it was a few - I believe this is because they use magstripe ATM withdrawal which either Monzo or Wirecard don’t support

Edit - link to existing topic confirming Monzo will not work with magstripe ATMs:

It was the same with my Revolut card - not sure which prepaid issuer that uses

(Yohance Jordan) #5

Is it possible to use Monzo in the Caribbean. Specifically Barbados?



Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a mastercard…

(Yohance Jordan) #7

So I should have no issues using it in Barbados save?

(Johnny Ellwood) #8

It will be accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

(Yohance Jordan) #9

Wonderful!! Thanks for clarifying :blush:

(Johnny Ellwood) #10

No worries. The only hiccups I’ve noticed with Monzo is certain self service petrol stations (known issue) and one i haven’t personally experienced but if a cashpoint does not accept chip and pin withdrawals but you will be prompted by the app to turn the feature on in your settings and try again.

(maurice clarke) #11

Is the strip issue at ATMs still a problem in Barbados? Going there next week.

(roland winder) #12

Hi, did you have any issues with ATMs in Barbados?

(maurice clarke) #13

I’m here. No problems at all. Bank and shops. Enjoy.

(Mal) #14

Just returned from a trip to Barbados and saint Vincent…card worked perfectly…