Banking on iOS 15

Dam. Do you know long it normally takes for them to fix their apps, or does ti really depend on the iOS update?

It’s unlikely that subsequent beta releases will break working apps completely. You may experience crashes, but generally, those we know work should continue to do so.

HSBC does not currently work, and I wouldn’t expect them too either, though other banking apps that typically don’t work on beta releases do work this year, so maybe HSBC will too.

Historically though, HSBC are among the worst, and there have been occasions where their apps haven’t worked until quite a few weeks after the public launch.


Very anecdotal of course but I’ve used the betas every year for at least a decade and I don’t remember getting an update that allowed HSBC or First Direct to work until proper launch apart from one ‘crazy’ year where they updated at some point over Summer.

Edit: as @N26throwaway says, they really are the worst out of all of the banks for this!


Yes, two or three years ago they released an update shortly after developer beta 3 was released which seemed to fix the app.

I wouldn’t hold out any hope for that to happen this year, as it seemed to be the exception rather than the rule.

As others have said, they clearly operate a versioning whitelist which is why all their apps crash at launch (it’s something built in at the global platform level).

They may change the supported versions “early” ahead of public release but it really isn’t likely.


Dam. Well really hope they update it soon. Seems like a stupid idea to not be supporting people who want to be on the new iOS. Can understand when its pretty early, but if it brakes your app, surely you’ll want to be fixing it ASAP. :confused:

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I think they have the attitude that customers shouldn’t be running “unsupported” software as it’s “unverified and not secure” (not actual quotes, just what I’m imagining they would say).

Basically, put up with it and it’s your fault for daring to update to a beta which isn’t recommended by HSBC.

Never mind the fact that every other banking app works and it’s clearly a deliberate block implemented by them!


There is a chance that the PayPal app might’ve stopped working in beta 3. Ever since I installed the 3rd beta earlier today, the PayPal app just returns an endless loading spinner on startup. So far I’ve restarted the handset to no avail.

I haven’t reinstalled the app yet, but PSA just in case!


The PayPal app works for me on beta 3, but there has just been a big update for it in the App Store.

Have you tried installing the update and then logging in?


As @SebH suggests, install the update! Not sure what PayPal have done, but the app stopped working on the regular latest iOS 14 release too. I had the same endless loading spinner on iOS 14, so it’s not an issue with the app breaking on the beta.

Edit: you may need to reinstall it too. Updating alone was not enough for me. I had to delete it and reinstall and sign back in. Works now, but this is undoubtedly an issue with the app.


You’re both absolutely right! Seems like I jumped the wagon a little. The app was completely bricked, so had to reinstall it, as you suggested.

Oof! Crisis adverted!


Glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile:


So it seems like M&S Bank uses the same app platform as HSBC, cause my app is completely bricked on opening.

Annoying as it stops me doing any internet banking at all, as it requires a security pin from the app.

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Yes, First Direct customers suffer the same fate. Essentially HSBC Group check for the iOS version being used, and if it’s not a recognised (i.e. non-beta) version, the app crashes out.

I discovered this to my cost a few years ago when I was with FD… ended up rolling back from the beta to the recognised release.

I think they are unique amongst UK banks in adopting this approach.


Yes, although it seems to only check the major version number as it never seems to have been an issue when installing betas of point releases (iOS 14.7 beta wasn’t blocked by HSBC, for example, but iOS 15 beta is).

You basically face the choice of being locked out for a few months or calling them to request a Physical Secure Key (which will allow you to login to online banking without using the app to generate a code; M&S call this a Physical Digital PASS.

You can also use the automated phone system to make payments to an existing payee (useful if you have saved another, working, one of your accounts as a payee) and it’s a good idea to update your details with an aggregator like Yolt, Emma or MoneyDashboard right before upgrading to the beta. That’s way, it will be 90 days before you need to authorise again and the app will probably be working by then as the public release will be imminent; so they will have removed the block.

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So, as a seasoned beta user, I knew I’d be locked out of FD, where I get my salary paid into.

I initially thought I’d log on online and sort stuff that way but decided it was too much hassle and have actually switched my salary to Monzo.

So… not really a success story on Monzo’s part per se, but here we are :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes, me too!

HSBC are shooting themselves in the foot really as I just don’t use any of their brands for ~3 months a year as a result of their messing about, blocking their apps.


HSBC finally works with iOS 15


Awesome! Thank you!

I presume this will mean other HSBC group apps will now work? Anyone able to test that?

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There is only an update for HSBC so far, it seems that the app update has fixed it by removing the hard-coded version block.

The next update should also remove it for other brands, as presumably it’s been rolled in to the latest version of their global software platform.

I’ll update when it’s working for First Direct, but I don’t have an account with M&S Bank to test.


It’s annoying to think that their IT guys have probably had a working internal version (with no version blocks coded in) this entire time on Testflight!