Banking by mobile app 'to overtake online by 2019' - BBC


Banking by mobile app ‘to overtake online by 2019’


First thing I think is that the terms online and _mobile app_have now become synonymous with many people in this situation! If you’re going online to manage your account, I’d assume you’re opening the app on your phone before thinking you’re going to load up the webpage and log in.

Personally, I don’t remember the last time I logged into my other bank accounts via a web portal :thinking: but I use the apps every day. And I assume most people who have access to their account on the device now use their online portals sporadically for specific tasks their apps may not let them do just yet.


Yup. Like RBS’s stupid rule that to pay someone over £250 you need to use the ridiculous code generator calculator thingy to add them as a payee!


Whilst I have the apps of all my banks on my phone, I only use them sporadically and use the web portals much more frequently. The only exception being AmEx where I use the app much more frequently than the website.

I actually still prefer doing things on my big screen and keyboard. I even often don’t reply to whatsapp or text messages until I’m back at my desk, so that I can type things there.

I guess I’m a weirdo in this modern age :laughing:


Banks are a bit of an outlier though - often their apps actually provide better UX than the web interface.

Nationwide (my ex legacy bank) for example asks me a bunch of bullshit like “memorable word” (is it too hard to call it a password?) in a weird format my password manager couldnt deal with. The app, in contrast, is happy to ask for my credentials once and then save the access token for later (for Touch ID, but that’s a client-side feature, the access token is there the whole time). Why can’t you just let me save that access token in my browser protected behind my user’s password (and full disk encryption)? :rage: