Bank security

Not what I expected from banks
But by blocking older decices they are stopping people from online banking, something they’ve been desperate to get people on as it saves them money by not having branches open.

Wall’s analysis gives each bank a score out of 100 for the technical security measures of its website. Santander and Virgin money top the research with 53, while Co-operative Bank and Smile are at the bottom with scores of 12.

Ahh, the fall from grace continues for what was the first internet only bank** in the UK.

What I don’t understand is that I believe Co-op Bank merged most of what was independent with Smile’s backend fully with them after the Co-op Bank’s failure and yet the Co-op Bank’s website is marginally more secure than Smiles! The same bank/group!

Another reason to leave them if I hadn’t already, for 101 other reasons after a decade, last year.

** Smile Bank, if you didn’t know.

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Shocking :open_mouth:

Not really surprising, especially after this incident courtesy of NatWest.

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I have just switched one of my current accounts from Smile. Their website really is dire, and now that I need to have my passwords written down it is definitely not particularly secure!