Bank of Scotland - roundups

And so the catch up begins…

Note that they had this idea already, just making it avialable via the app rather than having to log in.


Had this on my Lloyds account for a while. It’s quite neat as it creates it at the end of the day from each transaction so that it is just a daily transfer to your savings account

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all banks should do this as standard, helps you save without even noticing it

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Lloyds have had this forever, think they were the first, when it first launched Lloyds used to match your round up amount…I would say BOS is just inheriting this from Lloyds rather than anywhere else

The Lloyds app was updated to add this as well. While Lloyds already had it, I’m guessing they were adding some functionality to the app to control it.

Previously you could only turn it on from Internet Banking, now you use the apps as well.

I like that it is a feature but Monzo does it better (IMO)

Do you just mean in UI or something? What does the BoS UI look like for this?
The feature its self is essentially exactly the same.

Yeah, last time I used it, it just shows random pence to your savings account that clutter your transaction list (similar to how Monzo used to do it)