Bank of Scotland flagging Monzo? (Answer: no)

(Liam) #1

A friend with Bank of Scotland went to send me some money today. The interface seemed to flag up the fact that the receiving account was with Monzo as a risk factor.

Anyone else seen something like this pop up?

(Andy) #2

I believe Lloyd’s group and all it’s brands do this for all banks on their internet banking it’s a standard fraud warning

(Liam) #3

Apparently this was a first for them, which is why they mentioned it to me.

(Andy) #4

I’ll double check tomorrow but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on other sortcodes

(Liam) #5

Fair enough. :smile: I hope that’s the case.

The implication to them was that “my bank doesn’t like Monzo”. To be fair to them, that’s what that message says to me too.

(Jack) #6

I’ve seen it loads of times with different banks/sort codes. Nothing to worry about, just them watching out for people scamming innocent customers.

(Andy) #7

Happens on Halifax sortcode too (on Lloyd’s IB)

(Liam) #8

Thanks for checking @glasgow :smiley:

What’s that law about the answer to questions in headlines always being “No”? :relaxed:

(Nick) #9

I don’t think that’s what it does. To me the key part is “We would never ask you to send money to a “safe” account.”

I believe this would hint to them trying to protect against the kind of scam where someone phones the customer pretending to be the Bank of Scotland, says their account has been compromised and, that to protect their money they need to transfer it to a “safe” account that has been created for them by the Bank of Scotland ‘staff member’ they’re speaking to.

Edited to add: It’s not that they’ve flagged Monzo specifically, they’re making it clear what the destination bank is so that if the above is the case, the customer is given extra reason to think “Hang on a minute…”, I’m sure.

(Liam) #10

That makes perfect sense if it’s a notice coming up every time. :+1:


My sister is completely unable to send money to my monzo from her HBOS account. So she sends it to my HBOS account and i send it to myself…

(Punit Mannari) #12

I got a Lloyd’s account…sending money to any account…I get the same message