Bank atm swallowed my money

I went to the bank atm to withdraw some money, the money came out, but was quickly taken back into the atm
Can l get a refund from monzo


Push the button at the bottom of the transaction saying “Something Wrong Get Help”

Just to note most ATM’s if they take the money back will notice this after a day or 2 and auto refund you.


What @desu said :pray:

If you have any issues please feel to reach out to our team through the in app support articles.

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This happened to me with a HSBC card. They essentially called me a liar and refused to refund the funds. Hopefully Monzo are more empathetic with these sorts of issues and you were able to follow @desu’s advice.

This is a really good post about it

The atm charged me

I got Called a lier by Barclays and Santander when this has happened to me and the Barclays one was inside the branch!!. However the Santander one was a atm inside local shop and they said they counted the money and they wasn’t anything extra :triumph: Barclays was around £50 and Santander was £80 so a lot of money

It happened to me on the 13th
£30 an outside atm outside natwest Bank

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