Balance Not Updating After Refund - Android

Hi all, not sure if this has already been mentioned here so apologies if it has, but I have just come across what may be a minor display bug; had a refund onto my card over the weekend, and it showed on the app on Monday morning nice and quick, but the main balance wasn’t updating, even after pulling down the page to refresh. Checked this morning and sure enough, the balance was still not updated. After making a small top up to the card, this then updated the balance to include the refund. Obviously when I got the notification and it showed on the app, the money was available so no issues there, but just thinking it may be a confusing issue for others if their balance doesn’t show correctly :smile:

As far as I know, this hasn’t been reported before. Are you an iPhone or Android user?

Android user, I do have a rooted android though so don’t know if that may have caused an issue. Not had any other balance related display issues though, everything has been working perfectly.

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I have had refunds in the past on my Android but this has not happened so either it down to rooting (I have a non rooted device for my banking apps as most won’t run on tampered phones) or down to the app version number (as my returns were a few versions back not while the current version was running).