Balance is shown briefly before fingerprint lock is activated

When opening the app on iPhone the valve screen is shown briefly below the fingerprint privacy lock. Therefore anyone holding the phone can see my balances briefly believe the app requires the privacy unlock.

Details to reproduce:
Close the app.
Open the app.
Screen shows amount Blanche’s from the last opening.
And then locks to fingerprint access.
Iphone 17.5.1
13 mini
App Version:

Not without sharing personal details.

Problem is rectified in iOS 18. Monzo can scrap the lock after, Apple has app lock, roll on September

Sure. But there’s other banking apps that don’t have this issues on current iOS. And it leaves months of lower security in the current app.


Very true, yes.

I think it’s privacy, rather than security. But true, nonetheless.


One of the reasons I am no longer with Lloyds. They have a sms-back mail to confirm new payees, which is fine, except if you have the phone it displays the code in the summary it shows on the main window.
Though the main reason is not this, but that I thought this obvious security leak (to me, I’m a Computer guy) seemed to be impossible to report.