Balance Graph Gone?


Not too sure if this is actually a bug or not but I’m pretty sure I had a balance graph but now I don’t. Did this feature get removed? Currently running iOS10 public beta with Mondo 1.5.3 #244.

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(Rika Raybould) #2

The pulse at the top of the main feed? Does it not reveal itself where balance/spent today is as you scroll down the feed?


That’s correct, the pulse. No it doesn’t show up at all. I’ve been using my card for three weeks and spent £300 on it so there are enough transactions but no graph. When I scroll, I am just left with the balance and spent today boxes.

(Richard Dingwall ) #4

Hey @HoddzDJ we’ve just changed the algorithm that decides when to show the pulse from a minimum number of transactions to requiring a full month of data. We think this will work much better for most people (seeing a full pay calendar month) but it sounds like you were one of a small number of people who would have seen the pulse activated then deactivated. Sorry about this! It’ll be back shortly, we promise! :smiley:

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(Tom Turner) #5

Hi @rdingwall

Just wanted to check, you say it’s switched to a months worth of data, but I activated and used my card on July 12th, but I’ve not got the pulse graph back and it’s almost August 14th. Surely I should have got it back by now?


It requires a whole calendar month of data. So no graph until September. I got my card on the 10th July, so I’m in the same boat as you. Sorry for the bad news Tom.

(Tom Turner) #7

Ah, gotcha! A little frustrating, but I guess patience is a virtue!

(Richard Dingwall ) #8

To be specific the pulse graph currently unlocks on the 3rd of the month after the first full month of data.

So @HoddzDJ you are correct that you and @Tomjsturner won’t see the graph until September 3.

Sorry about the delay (this is still a new feature we’re tweaking). We are also currently discussing adding manual unlock buttons for product features for keen mondonauts :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #9

Seems us current account upgraders may have to wait for a month’s worth of transactions through that app before the graph appears. As a pre-payer who’d used it for over a year, and who’d found it very useful this feels like a retrograde step, but this is not a complaint, more an observation.

Edit: Is it a full calendar month’s worth? So September then. Wah!


Yeah, I feel your pain. It will soon be here though, this year has flown by!