Baking during lockdown

Wow - that was a roller-coaster ride - I’m sure I held my breath during that post :flushed:.

Kudos to you - shame about the oven. (If ever a routine should have been on YouTube, it’s that one).


I’ve begun doing the same over the past few days. In the beginning, it was just because I couldn’t find flour and yeast. I then found flour, but found the process quite good fun and challenging. I’ve used the sourdough starter recipe on the BBC Food website - though have yet to proceed to the feeding as a next step.

I originally thought the dough hadn’t risen, so will in future placing a rubber band around the jar to locate the level of starter, and track its progress in rising. (However, I’m sure now that it has, and looking forward to the next steps!)

Here’s how mine looks right now, on day 3:


I did a similar recipe for a sourdough starter that used an apple to give it a kickstart, and I ended up with starter all over my kitchen, and an over-active, unusable starter. Since then, I’ve have great success with flour, water and nothing else. Obviously, your mileage may vary

If you can get books delivered, the Andrew Whitley book Do Sourdough is really good, and it gives some good tips as to how to fit sourdough bread around a full time job for when things go back to normal


That’s the book I’ve been using as a reference for Sourdough, as well as the website - which has a lot of great weekend routines etc - both have good tips and recipes.

The trick with adding apple / other things to give it a kickstart - is that you end up adding competing strains of yeast and bacteria - so while it looks bubbly sooner, it takes longer to get the right mix of cultures in it!

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I’m 1000% in support of this Topic.

I’m making Tablet and Buttery Shortbread. Being as Scottish as possible :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Am loving all the replies, thank you to everyone who has shared photos of their amazing bakes, or links to baking resources. I’ve been very much enjoying seeing the former, and the latter I have noted and will surely be referring back to at a later date. :slight_smile:

Mmm, tablet. Pictures, please :grin:

I have a shortbread recipe from my mother’s cousin (both 100% Scottish) which I hope to try later this week. Hopefully will work better than the one I found on the internet earlier this year (provenance unknown, but didn’t taste at all authentic).


Here is my first ever loaf! No kneading machines or bread machines. I’m fairly proud as if it was my first born


A work of art, @jamiec7
Now if you can show us a photo of the resultant cooking debris/ washing up, you’ll be safe from any suggestions that you popped out and bought it. :joy:


:open_mouth: I’m insulted!! Have to prove my efforts! Haha please not I’m accepting orders :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :money_mouth_face:

Now you have no excuses (until you find the flour)


Sultana & coconut flapjack for my sweet tooth.


Classy - a wit as well as a baker :grin:

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Banana bread.


Oh yes !! :+1:

When I saw the title my first thought was “I would be if the shops had any flour” :rofl:

A homemade bread from homemade whole wheat flour :slight_smile:


Is that a shot you made for Instagram :wink:

Looks amazing though! :smiley:


Thanks Ordog, you’ve guessed right - it’s a shot my wife took for her FB page. I don’t do social networking :wink:

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Homemade flour as well! Do you have a home mill you’d recommend?

Sure! I’ve started with one of those chinese blender-like mills, but I found the process to be quite tedious, plus the flour would come out very hot. So I’ve bought Mockmill 100 and have been happy ever since :slight_smile:

Not sure if I can post the link here…

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So I haven’t been baking bread, but I have been baking!

We’ve got banana, banana chocolate chip and gingerbread muffins, loads of fudge, chocolate cinder toffee and dark chocolate chip biscuits :cookie: