Badges - PS equivalent to gold star?

(Random Person) #1

I really don’t care about badges, unless it’s an investor.
How do I turn them off, Because they’re just annoying. I’m not in primary school. :grin:


Go and stand in the corner. Teacher (Monzo) likes them.

(Random Person) #3

I like options. And I would love to have the ability to switch off sh**e.

(Herp Derp) #4

You have no badges :upside_down_face:


(Caspar) #5

They’re part of the forum software that Monzo uses - there’s no way to disable you seeing them (or being granted them), this isn’t something Monzo can enable for you.

There are ways of writing simple scripts for your browser that can change what is displayed on sites, so I suspect someone could write one to hide badges from being displayed if you ran it, but I’m not proficient enough to be able to do this.

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