Badges for Alpha, Beta and Investors

(Matteo) #103

@hugo how does it look like if I have more than one status? (alpha + investor) :smiley:

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(Dan Warriner) #105

Hey @hugo! Any design sneak peeks to appease us on this Monday evening? :wink:

(Alex Sherwood) #106

I hate to be that guy (not my area of expertise) but it seems like combined badges would be quite limiting / a lot of work to manage, if you keep adding badges & users end up with lots of different combinations of badges?

I’m imagining a Beta + Investor + Local Guide + Community Leader + Independent Merchant Supporter scenario :scream:

(Hugo Cornejo) #107

But that’s the beauty of this! We don’t really need a solution for a problem we don’t have yet, I’m sure we’ll figure something out :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve worked on something similar on another app and it’s very popular but I think this will have a business impact that will 1) gain more young people 2) make the app UX seem less serious as a banking app and put off users who have reservations in their money being secure.

I was hesitant at first before you guys got your banking licence. It takes years for people to adapt. You may have won many users already but when you explain Monzo to newbies their first reaction is to ask about the security. The app is already a step forward. I’m a word I would say that badges in a banking genre app is ‘ridiculous’. No harm intended to your amazing team.


Having worked in app badges I can say that they are a pain to implement. The feature would rely on a solid API. It’s also a pain for testers. There are solutions for testing, such as creating a mock server simulator using Java script to simulate the server in various states to achieve badges. Back end testing is fairly simple running requests to see what data is recieved.

(Dominic Eldred-Earl) #110

I think just having the recognition on the debit card is fine… keep is simple :slight_smile:
Maybe add a badge to our forum profile?

Wish I had managed to get in as an investor - did try… maybe next time

(Alex Sherwood) #111

That’s a fair point but Monzo are building a bank so I expect they can cope with badges :slight_smile:

As for this

you should see Monzo’s Instagram stories :wink:

But seriously, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Monzo are in the process of redefining what a bank looks like in almost every way. The perception of security is certainly something that needs taking care of but I like the fact that the team have fun, while taking their work seriously. It makes me feel that I can relate to them - much more than my legacy bank’s bank manager! There’s other ways to gain users trust - answering questions here, the blog posts & talks etc. - rather than presenting yourself as a boring bank. But if you want the latter, then there’s an alternative provider out there who’s doing exactly that.

Judging by Monzo’s mentions on Twitter, a large part of the reason why they’ve got to 180k users is because users don’t feel like they’re dealing with a boring bank & they appreciate Monzo’s tone. To me, badges seem like a pretty minor extension of this, a way of showing appreciation for users & as a result, increasing loyalty so I’m looking forward to seeing this feature.

(Kyle Monk) #112

I’m very much up for badges, personally love the fact that my ‘Mondo’ card has an ‘Alpha’ on it, but don’t feel we get much love otherwise. Would be a small, hopefully inexpensive nod to recognise that we were there at the beginning of your journey. Any additional financial benefits we could get when you roll out current accounts would also be welcomed, but i’m not holding my breath on that one :wink:

On the topic of card design, have you guys considered using metal cards? Ever since I saw my American friend’s Chase Saphire card (all metal) with recessed chip, i’ve wanted one. I would even go so far as to pay an additional one time extra fee for one.

(Andy) #113

I think this would be a great idea.

(Alex Sherwood) #114

It’s been mentioned a few times so I expect Monzo have considered it.

My guess is that the cost would be prohibitive & personally I don’t like the idea of some users, paying for a card as it creates a divide. All of the metal cards that I’ve seen before have been for premium offerings & that doesn’t feel like it fits the Monzo brand well to me.

The badges or the metal card?

(Sebastian Gorgon) #115

I like that idea, makes me wish I took the plunge a bit earlier whilst you were still in Alpha or got accepted as an Investor though!

(Kyle Monk) #116

Hi Alexs, thanks for replying. Respectfully, I cant wrap my head around any argument that paints features as divisive.

I currently have a ‘black’ Halifax card that I pay a nominal monthly fee for. In addition to changing the card’s colour, I get phone insurance and a few other semi useful bits for a reasonable price. I can’t imagine any scenario where someone would feel at odds with me because I opted to pay for an enhanced service.

Regarding the association with premium services, you have me there. The only other example of metal in use
that I can think of is the AMEX Centurion ‘Black’ card. Saying this, I don’t see why it doesn’t have to be a luxury only item. A debit card is a central part of your life, most people use it daily and they take a hammering. I view this both as paying a little extra to ‘ruggedise’ a tool I use regularly, but also a way of giving the average user a bit of extra pleasure when getting their card out. My two cents :blush:


Provided it’s not something that takes up too much valuable development time, that could be used for other features, I think a lot of people (including me) would enjoy these kinds of badges. Gamification, which one could argue this falls into, of any kind usually goes down well with tech savvy crowds in my experience.


Fair points. Monzo fills the gap that my legacy bank doesn’t. It makes my life easier because I’m always aware of my spending and can set as monthly budget.

(Damien) #119

I really like the idea of the badges so add a +1 to the pro column!

(Earl charles pobjoy) #120

The think it would be a great idea to do this

(Hugo Cornejo) #121

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Is there any Beta Badge or Tag for those people who joined Monzo in Beta?