B2B FP need, can you help us?

(Hugh) #1

Hi Monzo,

I’ve been at “the top” of the waiting list seemingly forever - is that because I’m not in London?

That aside… I’m an Architect at a financial services organisation and we need to do something competitive (i.e. Faster Payments) with disbursement. I’m looking at all the angles and possibilities, and I’d like to know if it’s something you can help us with.

I’d like to say we want to do something “innovative” but unless you can make it accessible through the screen (Wonka style) I think it’s going to be challenging to find a new way with the existing banking system.


  • Hugh


If you’ve been at the top for ages, you must be on Android. The public beta rollout is coming very soon (cannot remember the exact date) and you’ll be one of the first.

(Josh Bray) #3

They’ve said Thursday. Unless something drastic happens.

(Hugh) #4

You’re right, I’m using Android.

If it’s Thursday then that’s hugely fortuitous timing to coincide with my first visit here.

Many thanks, both.