- The return of Turntable FM? 🎧

Does anyone remember Turntable FM back in the day? Basically, you go into rooms and people take turns DJing. If you play something that the room doesn’t like, people can vote to bump to the next DJ! It got shut down due to archaic music industry licensing laws…

but just launched and it’s virtually identical! :raised_hands:

Anyone up for having a Monzo Community room?
(UPDATE - We now have one at :raised_hands:)


This would be cool!


S Club 7 is an instant ban though, yes?

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Tada! Permanent Monzo room here :slight_smile:

I’m out.

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Had a look, turns out I need a premium Spotify account. I’ll have to active my free trial and try again later.

I’m OK with S Club 7 being banned if we can still play Aqua. :blonde_woman:t2:

Aww that’s me out then if you need premium :disappointed:

Cotton eyed Joe ftw

Welcome to AuxParty by Teapot Labs LLC (“Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”)! As you have just clicked to our Terms of Service, please make a pause, grab a cup of coffee and carefully read the following pages. It will take you approximately 20 minutes.

Emphasis mine.


Hopefully they are including walking to the shop to get milk for the coffee

I’m in the room spinning some funk, soul and indie pop if anyone wants to come and join :grinning:

edit - i was until the site crashed lol

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What info shows of a joined user.

Just the username you set when you join. Anything else is optional.

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Well I would but…