Automating saving overtime!

A idea for pots where, if you usually get a set amount every month, any amount over that gets automatically put into a designated pot as soon as you’re paid so you’re not tempted to blow it all on an impulse buy (looking at you, Amazon!) :rofl:

On the flipside, you could nominate this same pot to “top-up” your earnings (as a sort of automated emergency fund) if it’s below :scream: your normal earnings, say for instance if Payroll made a boo-boo. Happens a lot where I work :expressionless:

ALSO: once the Marketplace is sorted, this could be used to automatically invest overtime gains in e.g. Wealthsimple, Wealthify, Nutmeg, insert-choice-here. :moneybag: You just set it and forget it. :ok_hand:

No mess, no fuss. You don’t see the money, you don’t think about the money; it’s just put away for a rainy day! (and hopefully racking up some sweet compound interest!) :umbrella:

Don’t know if someone’s already come up with something like this, but I just thought of it and wanted to put it out there. :blush:


think you can do some of this with IFTTT

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Unfortunately, there’s no trigger for incoming transactions so unless someone on the developer platform can cook something up, there’s no way to do this atm :disappointed_relieved:

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Suggest a trigger on IFTTT :smiley:

I submitted one last night for a trigger on “Balance” so hopefully they’ll add that!

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Do you mean on the thread or is there a dedicated platform for suggestions?

Inside IFTTT you can request new triggers (at the bottom):

So I submitted one last night for “Balance” with the description of something like “if balance is at a certain level, then trigger the script” (not quite the wording… but something like that :slight_smile: )

You can chose from these when creating a new Applet.

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You could use the webhooks then based on the information within the requested, make an IFTTT request to do the pot transfer.

You’d have to setup the webhook on and be comfortable setting up a way of reading the data from the webhook then pushing it over to IFTTT. You might be able to just use the webhooks IFTTT but I’m not sure how good it is at processing the webhook data from Monzo

@Ganey, IFTTT Platform will not let me sign up without a company website, which I don’t have (I’m employed, but not in that capacity. I’m a typist who tinkers with things in her spare time). Is there any way around this that you know of? I am interested in learning to make “custom” IFTTT applets but IFTTT doesn’t seem to be forthcoming :disappointed_relieved:

I have no idea on your skills / coding levels so please bear with me on this if it’s too advanced / basic.

I’d had a quick look and it doesn’t seem you can parse JSON with IFTTT, only send values, so a 3rd party service will be required. Hopefully someone will add a JSON parser / checker to IFTTT at some point, shouldn’t be too difficult for someone to setup :confused:

Setup will then be, monzo webhook -> third party service -> read webhook JSON, send to IFTTT Maker (webhook) service, trigger monzo transfer to pot / something else

  1. So on IFTTT create applet with maker (Webhooks) as trigger, then set a name and action

  2. On third party service such as that supports say node (never used it before, but seems to support what is needed)
    Setup a script such as this one: (Untested so don’t grill me on it)

      //First, we'll require the 'http' library to use later for calling a 3rd party webservice
       var http = require("http");
     //check it's us making the request, this will be set in the monzo webhook url e.g
     var secret = request.parameters.secret
     if(secret != 'supersecretpasswordhere') {
         return 'secret failed';
     var responseMessage = 'failed';
     var data = JSON.parse(request.body);
     var minIncome = 10;
     //webhook data recieved, and type is transaction created and amount greater than 10, withdrawals are negative amounts
     if( && == 'transaction.created' && >= minIncome) {
         //income transaction, post to IFTTT
     //move 10% into pot by sending amount to save to IFTTT
     var amountToSave = Math.round( / 10);
     //The request object below will be used to make an HTTP call to IFTTT
     var requestObject = {
      "url": "{evennamesetinifttt}/with/key/{makerwebhookskeyfromifttt}",
      "params": {"value1": amountToSave},
      "method": "POST"
     var response = http.request(requestObject);
     if(response.status == "200"){
      responseMessage = 'Sent to IFTTT';
    //this doesn't really matter as long as monzo gets a response they won't retry the webhook
    return responseMessage;
  3. add monzo webhook on to your url, e.g (first get the correct account id from /listaccounts as default still seems to be prepaid

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This trigger is coming :soon: